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Warehouse Robots

Significantly reduce costs and drive growth with our Goods-to-Person Robots 

With OrderWise, businesses can reap the benefits of an innovative Goods-to-Person robotics solution that can link seamlessly to existing ERP systems, or be used in-conjunction with our own award-winning Business Management Software for a complete end-to-end solution. Expertly manufactured, developed and tested in the UK, our robots have been built to run seamlessly alongside any other software being used to run your daily operations. Through this effective warehouse automation, businesses achieve much lower annual costs and greater all-round efficiency.

  • Protect your business against constantly rising labour costs
  • Increase pick rates to upwards of 650 picks per hour
  • Ensure every single order you process costs you less
  • Affordable rates with fast average ROI within 1-2 years
  • Grow your business without the need to increase warehouse staff 



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DID YOU KNOW? Amazon use over 150,000 goods-to-person robots to streamline their operations. They have invested over $2.3 billion into this technology, becoming world leaders in the use of warehouse robotics.

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Affordable Robotics That Set You Apart

If you’re thinking warehouse robotics is out of your budget, think again. With OrderWise Warehouse Robotics, we deliver a state-of-the-art Goods-to-Person robotics solution at an affordable price, providing a fast return on investment. OrderWise Warehouse Robotics will deliver to your business exponential cost-saving benefits, helping you to save hundreds of thousands of pounds each year on labour and fulfilment costs.

  • Utilises densely packed pods that are 33% more space efficient than standard racking
  • Multi-shift compatible with 12 hour operational battery capacity 
  • Scale your solution to meet demand with the flexibility to hire additional robots at peak
  • Configurable pods to suit storage of UK/EU Pallets, compartmental pick faces and more
  • Fast 1.2 metres per second travel speed and large 800kg weight capacity

KEY FACT: OrderWise Warehouse Robots will work autonomously in the dark without heat or light, allowing pods of products to be pre-picked during the night. This means they can have them ready for staff before shifts start, helping to maximise efficiency by eliminating the typical morning rush to get orders despatched.

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Massively streamline fulfilment of all your online orders with these automatically imported ready for Robotic Goods-to-Person Picking.
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inventory management software

Stock Control

Benefit from low cost and streamlined stock management from goods in to despatch with our class-leading stock control software and Robotics.
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Warehouse Management

Completely transform your productivity, efficiency and accuracy with an automated warehouse.
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