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Flexible Warehouse Automation

Robotic solutions for maximum productivity and rapid ROI with our sister brand, OW Robotics   

OW Robotics offers flexible and scalable business automation using Goods-to-Person, A-to-B and Production Line robotics. Our solutions have been built with 30 years’ experience and allow businesses of all sizes to keep up with the changing landscape. 

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Why choose flexible automation? 

As a result of “The Amazon Effect”, consumers now expect lower prices, later delivery cut off times and next-day fulfilment as standard. This consumer outlook is only accelerating with the turn of the decade, meaning B2B businesses face the same level of expectation that customers in B2C expect. Providing the solution to these ever-growing expectations, OW Robotics offers state-of-the-art warehouse automation with incredibly fast ROI.


Our robotic solutions integrate directly with OrderWise 

With an OW Robotics solution, the Robot Control System (RCS) integrates seamlessly with WMS/ERP software. When an action is sent to the RCS, our robots jump into action to collect the required pods, or mobilise the production line for work to begin.

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Amazon use over 150,000 goods-to-person robots to streamline their operations. They have invested over $2.3 billion into this technology, becoming world leaders in the use of warehouse robotics.

Improve your efficiency with our multi-industry solutions 

A range of robotic solutions that can be scaled to the needs of your business 

G2P 275x300


Automation that provides single touchpoint fulfilment

AtoB 267x300


Transport stock any distance within the warehouse faster

Production Line 300x256

Production Line 

Automate stations for greater efficiency in assembly

Robotic Solutions For Warehouse Automation – Designed To Significantly Reduce Costs & Maximise Fulfilment Rates
Robotics Solutions For Warehouse Automation – Designed To Significantly Reduce Costs & Maximise Fulfilment Rates
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Benefit from our leading robotic solutions

Rapid ROI
Results in an average of 12-24 months after implementation.

Stand out in a crowded market with greater efficiencies.

Reduce staff costs
Save on health and safety, training, absence and recruitment costs

Cutting-edge warehouse robotics

Next generation automation to put your business in the lead 

Technology is changing the face of the manufacturing and warehousing industry. Customers are demanding products faster, at the best price and want to stay informed throughout the entire fulfilment process.  

OW Robotics offers a range of flexible solutions that can help you increase efficiency, shrink labour costs and accelerate your fulfilment with a fast ROI. 

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 OWR robots will work autonomously in the dark without heat or light, allowing pods of products to be pre-picked during the night. This means they can have them ready for staff before shifts start, helping to maximise efficiency by eliminating the typical morning rush to get orders despatched.

ecommerce integration


Massively streamline fulfilment of all your online orders with these automatically imported ready for robotic Goods-to-Person picking.
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inventory management software

Stock Control

Benefit from low cost and streamlined stock management from goods in to despatch with our class-leading stock control software and robotics.
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warehouse management system

Warehouse Management

Completely transform your productivity, efficiency and accuracy with an automated warehouse.
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