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Increase Fulfilment & Reduce Costs With OW Robotics

Delivering world-class automation at an affordable price, our innovative Warehouse Robotics will give your business the competitive edge whilst helping you to save year-on-year on labour costs.   

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As a result of “The Amazon Effect”, consumers now expect lower product prices, later delivery cut offs and next-day fulfilment. This consumer outlook is only accelerating each year, a pressure which initially was only felt by B2C businesses, this has filtered through to other sectors, with companies selling B2B now also facing the same level of expectation. With Amazon using Robotics to drive rapid rates of fulfilment and curb growing labour shortages, businesses need to look at automating their own warehouse operations if they are to compete.

OW Robotics offer state-of-the-art warehouse automation at an affordable price, with an incredibly fast ROI.

With the flexibility to use alongside the OrderWise ERP & WMS Software or your existing software solution, our Goods-to-Person robots will increase efficiency whilst helping you to save each year on labour and fulfilment costs.

Expertly designed, manufactured, developed and tested in-house, OW Robotics will also enable you to optimise warehouse space, work through the night without increasing energy costs and work faster than ever before, with less staff.











Amazon use over 150,000 goods-to-person robots to streamline their operations. They have invested over $2.3 billion into this technology, becoming world leaders in the use of warehouse robotics.

4 Great Reasons To Choose OW Robotics 

Lower Costs

Reduced Costs

Using our Goods-to-Person Robots, every single order you ship will cost you less

Increased Order Throughput

Increased Fulfilment

Far greater picking and packing efficiency all year round

Faster Pick Rates

Optimised Storage

Popular pods automatically stored closer to pickers for greater efficiency

Exceptional ROI

Fewer Limitations

Reduced health and safety considerations, as well as reduced reliance on forklift trucks

Robotics Solutions For Warehouse Automation – Designed To Significantly Reduce Costs & Maximise Fulfilment Rates
Robotics Solutions For Warehouse Automation – Designed To Significantly Reduce Costs & Maximise Fulfilment Rates
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Tough, Powerful & Built For Purpose

OWR Robots boast a powerful engineering framework intended for fast order fulfilment, along with a robust chassis that is specially designed and built to withstand any testing warehouse conditions. This ideal combination of both speed and power enables OrderWise Warehouse Robots to move quickly and lift heavier loads than most standard robotic systems, with the ability to carry payloads up to 1000kg.

Configurable To Your Brand & Operations

With flexible pod/shelf configurations, our robots will quickly transport UK/EU pallets, clothing racks and more across to designated picking stations for rapid, cost-effective fulfilment. What’s more, we offer all our clients the unique ability to customise their robots, giving you the option to have shell colours changed and vinyl graphic logos applied to meet your own corporate styling.

 OWR Robots will work autonomously in the dark without heat or light, allowing pods of products to be pre-picked during the night. This means they can have them ready for staff before shifts start, helping to maximise efficiency by eliminating the typical morning rush to get orders despatched.

A Solution Optimised For Your Business

Whether you are processing hundreds or thousands of orders a day, wish to pick 100% from a robotic grid or a certain percentage straight from high bay racking, we can deliver an efficient, cost-effective solution that accommodates these requirements. We also offer the flexibility to easily scale-up your solution at any time by hiring additional robots to cope with demand during peak seasons.

Make your first steps into Robotic Warehouse Automation and see how we can help you ensure that every single order you ship costs you less.

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