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Stock Control Software

Gain complete visibility of your stock to provide greater accuracy and control

Regardless of what stock your business sells, how it is used, where that stock is held or in how many different locations, OrderWise provides the comprehensive inventory management you need, whilst integrating end-to-end with all aspects of company operations.

  • Effectively manage all aspects of stock control throughout your supply chain
  • Accurate stock visibility across all your sales channels
  • Maximise efficiency of day-to-day stock management
  • Reduce costs with precise stock level optimisation
  • Comply with the most stringent industry requirements with full batch and serial traceability including expiry date control

Stock Control

Manage Your Stock

Efficient control from receipt to despatch

Effective stock control is fundamental to ensuring a business can operate in a lean manner. By using OrderWise Stock Control Software, you can rest assured that your stock is accurately tracked and overstocking or inventory shortages are never a problem again.

  • Simple stock transfers across branches, warehouses and distribution centres
  • Effectively handle all adjustments, movements and write offs
  • Perform annual and rolling stock takes with ease
  • Speed up fulfilment and reduce cost per pick
  • Achieve greater pick accuracy with barcode scanning technology

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Stock Control Software that delivers clarity to your business

OrderWise Stock Control Software is packed with features that will deliver efficient inventory management to you on a daily basis. Providing stock valuations that include landed costs and complete stock visibility across departments, OrderWise Stock Control ensures the information your staff and customers see is always accurate.

  • Intelligently forecast exactly what to order, when and from which supplier
  • Accurate stock valuations at the click of a button
  • Minimise costs with complete control over stock spend
  • Optimise stock holdings with consideration to seasonal trends and lead times

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Promote greater accuracy on your online sales channels with an integrated stock control system that minimises your risk of overselling.
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Keep sales channels regularly updated with accurate stock figures so that you can reduce overselling and empower your staff to close with confidence.
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purchase order software


Automate the ordering of the right stock, from the right supplier, at the right price, but still with full control over exactly what is purchased.
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warehouse management system

Warehouse Management

Effective stock handling and quick order fulfilment, regardless of the products you handle or the volumes you receive.
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Mobile WMS Devices

Gain accurate and efficient control over all daily stock management activities with our barcode scanning devices.
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Courier Integration

From goods in through to courier shipment, benefit from complete stock visibility and end-to-end goods tracking.
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“We’ve got much better visibility of stock now and because OrderWise is an automated system we know exactly where an order is on its journey, so that’s really helpful if customers call up to check on the progress of their order.”

– Hunkydory Crafts

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