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Mobile WMS Devices

Greatly reduce mispicks, speed up fulfilment and raise warehouse productivity

With OrderWise Mobile Warehouse Management (WMS) Devices, your business can ensure daily processes are kept streamlined, accurate stock levels maintained and orders quickly fulfilled. WiFi & 3G enabled, these barcode scanning devices are proven to improve warehouse operations through seamlessly synchronising up-to-date information and driving efficiency.

  • Massively streamline warehouse operations with barcode scanning technology
  • Keep customers happy and costs down with highly accurate picking
  • Speed up fulfilment with picking, tote picking and despatch capabilities
  • Maximise productivity with pick timers and most efficient walk routes
  • Keep pick faces constantly refreshed with Stock Replenishments


wms barcode devices

pick using barcodes with orderWise mobile WMS devices illustration V2

Outstanding picking accuracy

Attaining complete pick accuracy reduces costly returns, provides a high level of customer satisfaction and eliminates issues arising from stock discrepancies. OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices integrate seamlessly with OrderWise Despatch, helping you achieve 100% picking accuracy whilst providing a more efficient way of working that increases staff productivity.

  • Eliminate mispicks and ship stock quicker with pick amalgamation
  • Automate assignment with intelligent Pick Rules functionality
  • Auto-ship directly from mobile devices for speedy fulfilment
  • Record batch and serial numbers for full traceability
  • Effectively handle kitted items including component picking

Accurate & streamlined Goods In

As well as enhancing despatch, OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices can also increase the speed of goods receipt as staff scan in received stock against the relevant purchase order both correctly and efficiently.

  • Full visibility of delivery note numbers, expiry dates, bin storage locations and the quantity received
  • Record batch or serial numbers with ease, including split batches
  • Easily book in stock arriving from containers or via stock transfers
  • Mobile Put Away ensures stock is always put into the right place, ready for picking
  • Eliminate double handling with Goods In Despatch for quick item turnaround


Mobile WMS Device Picking V5
Manage warehouse tasks in an accurate, efficient & productive manner

With these Mobile WMS Devices enabling businesses to harness the power of OrderWise in the palm of their hand, it’s no wonder that huge speed, capacity and accuracy improvements are already being achieved by the growing number of OrderWise customers utilising these devices.

  • Achieve complete traceability from supplier to customer
  • Maximise accuracy with live stock picking
  • Seamless offline docking to transfer information in low connectivity zones
  • Speed up the processing of returned items
  • Streamline manufacturing by scanning through works order processes
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“Just in tonnage alone, we on a record day on the old system would pick around 3.5 tonnes. On the OrderWise system, our record day is 11.5 tonnes for one picker. Our error percentage has dramatically reduced too, across over 19,000 lines despatched last month using the OrderWise system we had an error rate of 0.002%.”

– A. Perry Ltd