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CRM Software

Target the right prospects and maintain positive customer relationships

OrderWise CRM is fully integrated with the main OrderWise software, providing a complete workflow management tool and central hub for all customer interactions. Allowing your business to grow without the need to increase overheads, OrderWise CRM ensures the right information is captured and prescribed workflows are followed effectively.

  • Highly customisable to meet the needs of each role or department
  • Delivers complete visibility of all customer interactions for effective prioritisation
  • Compatible for use both in-system and on the OrderWise Mobile App
  • Integration to Microsoft Outlook for intuitive calendar and email management
  • Push key relationships to flourish with unrivalled customer activity insight


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Benefit from a powerful lead generation & sales cycle

The real power of OrderWise CRM comes when combining this module with OrderWise Marketing, Business Intelligence, BI Alerts & KPI Dashboards for even greater efficiency and profitability benefits. By using OrderWise CRM as the central hub for all communications and using it alongside the rest of the OrderWise system, businesses are provided with a flawlessly integrated customer management solution, built to suit even the most diverse business requirements.

  • Easily generate new CRM records based on who is engaging with marketing campaigns
  • Nurture leads through CRM with BI Alerts notifying staff towards key issues to chase
  • Use with OrderWise Business Intelligence to easily track customer ROI
  • Target the right customers with powerful ‘RFMA‘ (Recency, Frequency, Monetary, Activity) profiling tool
  • Even greater visibility with added integration to Microsoft Outlook and Creditsafe


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Easily monitor every customer interaction across your business

With this user-friendly module also available on-the-go through our Mobile App, OrderWise CRM enables easy access to an entire history of customer conversations that staff can use to maximise their sales advantage.

  • Customise CRM tasks and records to suit business requirements
  • Effectively manage staff time through diary and pipeline visibility
  • Gain full sales insight and boost productivity with effective workflow management
  • Maximise the profitability of customer interactions through simple data integration
  • Provide excellent customer service levels that ensure client loyalty
order processing software


Allowing you to raise quotes and sales orders off the back of CRM, OrderWise Sales empowers staff to maximise order value and profitability.
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OrderWise marketing


Use OrderWise Marketing for targeted campaign generation and then seamlessly feed the leads generated back into CRM to be nurtured.
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business intelligence

Business Intelligence

Manage sales targets and drill down into your CRM data to find the reasons behind activities succeeding and failing.
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BI Alerts 93x93

BI Alerts

Focus staff on priorities and notify them to take action at the right time through eye-catching alerts displayed within the CRM activity grid.
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OrderWise Mobile App

Mobile App

Manage your workflow wherever you are with the same OrderWise CRM functionality available on-the-go via your tablet or phone.
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KPI Dashboards 150x150

KPI Dashboards

Manage your workflow wherever you are with the same OrderWise CRM functionality available on-the-go via your tablet or phone.
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