training excellenceHere at OrderWise, we don’t just handover your software system and expect your staff to teach themselves how to use all the functionality they will need on a daily basis, nor do we simply point you in the direction of endless tutorial videos for staff to teach themselves. In order to get the most out of any software solution and reap the full benefits, we know that your staff will require specific knowledge of how to use it to ensure that they will be able to perform their daily tasks as effectively as possible. That’s why upon investing in OrderWise, all customers are provided with a training course as part of their overall package that is tailored to the company using the software.

Award Winning Training Included As Standard

Each OrderWise solution comes as standard with formal OrderWise training which can be delivered from our purpose built training facility or at the clients own premises. This formal and structured training is designed to create OrderWise Super Users, someone with the understanding of the system as a whole. It is then intended that these people can show other end users how to perform their specific tasks within OrderWise. This method of training has been developed using our extensive experience of training people on the use of OrderWise over the last 25 years and has proved to be an incredibly effective method.

Training Requirements Tailored to Each Company

However, every business is unique in their requirements, structure, use of OrderWise, number of staff and much more. Our experienced Business Consultants and Project Managers work with every company to ensure the training provided matches the specific requirement and demands of each clients. This could include hands on training in our own warehouse, focused training to departments and specific job roles along with a whole range of options as identified or required. This tailored approach helps to ensure all staff have the knowledge and resources to get the most out of OrderWise from the very beginning, increasing return on investment, reducing disruption and keeping staff on board with the change. What’s more, when we train new clients we only a train a single company at a time and only using their data. This means the training is specific to your business and reflects the processes of your business, leading to a high relevancy retention amongst course attendees.

6 300pxThe Freedom To Decide How, When & Where Your Training Takes Place

With OrderWise Training, businesses are provided with the complete flexibility to choose whether training is conducted at their own premises or at our state-of-the-art training facilities in Lincoln which includes a full training warehouse setup. We will often recommend that new users are trained on our premises for a variety of reasons – most importantly the fact that our dedicated training rooms provide a distraction free and tailored training environment. OrderWise is an investment for any new customer, and we want to make sure that trainees know the system well enough to really harness its full potential. Furthermore you should always visit your potential software supplier in order to confirm their strengths. If you haven’t been already, training at our purpose built 1.2 acre premises in Lincoln is a great excuse to come visit us. We would be proud to show you how OrderWise is developed, quality tested, project managed, implemented and supported.

“Excellent training and very good answers to our challenging questions. It has been great to get a very comprehensive deep dive into the solution, which opened our eyes for the functionality and allows us to streamline the operations accordingly. We thoroughly enjoyed our training!” – Shopfitting Warehouse

Stay In The Know With Refresher Training

We also offer ongoing training for existing customers, whether needed to get new staff quickly up to speed or help maximise the benefits of new OrderWise features and modules, this will take place with just your company and their assigned Trainer. This method gives users the opportunity to tailor the training to suit their requirements and discuss with the Trainer things such as changing procedures to fit in with OrderWise, or adapting OrderWise to fit in with their new requirements.

Receive Remote Training From Our Team Of OrderWise Experts

At OrderWise we also offer Remote Training, allowing users to receive comprehensive training via the phone and using the GoTo Assist service. By using GoTo Assist, the Trainer from your Project Team can log on to your system remotely and guide you through the use of the OrderWise modules at your own pace. The Trainer is able to both observe and demonstrate, as both parties will have access to the system at the same time.

Good fun from start to finish! Our trainer was very patient, with us all firing questions whilst he was in the middle of talking. – Safeaid Supplies

Ongoing OrderWise Training With Our Comprehensive Library of Training Videos

Although each business deploying out an OrderWise solution receives tailored training on the software as standard, it is important for users to ensure staff members have the ability to easily familiarise themselves with OrderWise should they be a new employee, away for a long period of time or move to a new department where they’re required to use a new OrderWise module.

In addition to the Support & Upgrade package advantages, businesses will also receive access to the OrderWise Video Library. This invaluable on demand resource provides users with a range of videos to help staff increase system knowledge requirements, eliminate common user queries, increase staff productivity and understand new features to ensure software benefits are maximised.

So whether you are a new or existing OrderWise user looking to expand your understanding of our cutting edge software, you can be safe in the knowledge that we have the extensive training facilities and team of highly experienced, expert trainers that will be able to teach you more about OrderWise at a time and in a place that is convenient to you.

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