Cloud or server 600pxOn Site Server Or In The Cloud

When it comes to software hosting, many businesses will have different expectations and requirements of how they want this to be handled. Some companies will already have their own local server set up and will want to continue using this to host their software and relevant database in order to retain their investment. Other businesses however may not have the technical knowledge, infrastructure space nor desire to manage, maintain their own designated server, therefore preferring to have their supplier host their solution for them. Although most suppliers will offer one of these options, stating whether their software needs to be hosted on site or in the cloud, here at OrderWise we provide both.

With OrderWise, our customers are provided with the flexibility to decide whether they wish to host their software themselves or utilise one of our cost-effective cloud packages and have it hosted for them.  Either option provides the freedom to access their OrderWise data from anywhere, any time.

Retain Your Hardware Investment With An On Site Server

OrderWise is held on an Microsoft SQL database and hosted on a SQL Server. If you already have supported network and workstation operating systems, you will be able to have OrderWise installed on your existing hardware. However we are able to advise each client on hardware recommendations, specification and configuration to ensure optimal performance is achieved.

cloud based 350pxHave Your OrderWise Software Hosted In The Cloud

One of the frequently asked questions we often receive from businesses that enquire into OrderWise is whether or not we offer Cloud Computing. Generally, the term Cloud Computing is regarded as the practice of using a network of remote servers to store, manage and process data, rather than a local server or a personal computer. This wider definition of Cloud Computing can in fact relate to any designated remote server hosting, which is what we offer here at OrderWise.

The OrderWise Cloud Solution can be purchased by any of our customers at any time, whether they are just getting started OrderWise or are already up and running. We partner with one of the UK’s leading specialist hosting companies and have created several easy to use packages specifically for OrderWise, meaning our software can be hosted to meet your exact needs. OrderWise Cloud Solutions are also completely scalable, meaning businesses having their software hosted by OrderWise never have to worry about increased requirements as business grows. Our specialist OrderWise hosting solution is future proof, meaning companies can easily increase their storage, processing power or memory whenever it is required as their business grows.

The Security You Need From A Hosted Solution

With an OrderWise Cloud Solution, you can be sure your business is in safe hands. Unlike many cloud hosting packages, particularly internet based solutions, our hosted solution includes a number of invaluable benefits as standard:

  • The hosting platform has been tested by our specialist developers and is certified to work with OrderWise.
  • Automated daily off site OrderWise backups stored for 30 days.
  • Each server is maintained by on-site trained server professionals meaning performance is maintained.
  • Each server is powered by an uninterruptable power supply unit in case of electricity outage.
  • The entire data centre is plugged directly to the backbone of the internet meaning users never experience slow-down or service interruptions.
  • Each server is stored in an air conditioned room to ensure peak server performance.
  • Each room within the facility contains a halon fire control system. Any accidental fire is quickly brought under control.
  • Each server is stored in a physically secure facility in the UK which houses on-site security guards and CCTV.
  • Each room can only be accessed through a computer controlled security system.
  • The entire hosting facility contains a backup generator with enough diesel to run the servers continuously for 30 days.

So if you are looking for an easy way to get your business up and running with class leading business software without the cost of new server hardware, then this is the solution for you.

Access OrderWise Any Time, Any Place, Anywhere With Remote Desktop Access

If your staff need to access their OrderWise business data from anywhere, let us help you. Whether you are hosting OrderWise On Site or In The Cloud, we offer businesses who need to access OrderWise from anywhere in the world at any time the ability to do so through remote desktop access. This provides businesses with the flexibility of being able to access OrderWise from any location over the internet across multiple devices and platforms. So if your business needs to enable employees to access their data from home, trade shows, buying trips, multiple depots, shops or sites, then OrderWise Remote Desktop Access is the ideal solution.

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