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Cloud Hosting

Access OrderWise anywhere, anytime with a Cloud Hosted Solution

Whether you have your own local server you want to continue to use or would prefer us to host your solution for you, here at OrderWise we provide the flexibility to have your software hosted on-site or in the cloud. Regardless of the solution you decide, we offer businesses who need to access their OrderWise solution on-the-go the ability to do so through secure remote desktop access.

  • Minimise service outages, you have complete performance control with your own OrderWise Private Cloud solution
  • Access data from home, trade shows, buying trips or multiple sites with Remote Desktop
  • Automated daily off-site OrderWise backups stored for 17 days with a hosted solution
  • On-site server professionals and uninterruptible power supply for peak server performance
  • Support growth by increasing your business storage, processing power or memory at any time
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