upgrades 350pxWhen deciding on business management software, companies always need to be sure that they are making a safe investment. Too often businesses will choose a solution based on it being right for them at the time, only to find they need to replace their system in a short space of time. Sometimes this will be due to them quickly outgrowing the solution, other times it is simply due to the software becoming outdated. Either way, businesses will either suffer the costs of replacing the system, losing all the money put into their initial investment or have to stay with an unsuitable system as their competitors leap forward.

With technology moving forward so quickly in this day and age, it is essential for companies to choose a software supplier that is constantly developing and investing in their product. This will not only allow the business to grow the software as the business itself grows but also stay ahead competitors by using the very latest and cutting edge technology.

OrderWise – Investing In Our Software To Secure Your Future

Here at OrderWise, we understand the importance of investing back into our software and keeping state-of-the-art technology at the forefront of what we do. That’s why coupled with our dedicated support services in our Support & Upgrades packages is our regular software updates, allowing businesses to benefit from all the new functionality that we introduce into the system each month.

In total, over £1,000,000 is committed each year into ongoing research, innovation, development and testing so that your business can rest assured that your software investment is future proof. Our 21 person strong Development and Testing team are dedicated to using their 24+ combined years of experience to provide a cutting edge product packed with new modules, features and enhancements that meets the ever changing demands of today’s fast paced business environment. In fact a substantial amount of the development work we undertake in a year is so innovative that it qualifies for the government’s HMRC Development Tax Status, allowing us to invest into further research and development projects to directly benefit UK businesses.


“OrderWise is going to help us achieve this because ultimately it’s future proof, we could do £200-£300 million turnover on OrderWise and it will cope with the same way it copes now, just continue to operate efficiently.” – Chris Bawden, Director of Simple Lighting

With our Support & Upgrades Packages, businesses are provided with the flexibility to choose the upgrades package suited to meet their own requirements. Up to 12 monthly updates are published each year, with businesses able to choose whether they receive 1, 4 or all 12 of these updates. Unlike bespoke systems which are effectively dead systems once they are completed, we develop OrderWise all day every day and your business will be able to benefit from the 250+ new modules, features, reports and general enhancements added to OrderWise each year.

Didn’t find what you are looking for in our updates? No problem. Should our software updates not provide the functionality required, businesses using OrderWise also have the benefit of being able to request custom development to meet their specific needs.

“Being able to have OrderWise carry out custom development work has meant we can meet customer and business requirements.” – John Spray, Managing Director of Countrywide Healthcare Supplies

By receiving these software upgrades on a regular basis, OrderWise customers are able to immediately benefit from additional features and efficiencies to help them to maintain a competitive edge. By combining a tailored OrderWise software solution with a Support & Upgrades package built to meet their needs, companies can ensure they are able to receive the modules, functionality, assistance and continued development required by their business.


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