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When a business invests in OrderWise, we expect to keep that customer for life. However we know that in order to keep hold of each company using OrderWise, each software solution needs to be able to grow alongside the business it is built to serve.That’s why we have designed our OrderWise Business Software as a scalable and modular solution, constantly developing new modules, features and enhancements that can be added on to an OrderWise package at any time for the benefit of our users.

We understand from 25+ years of experience that your business is constantly evolving, seeking out new opportunities, enhancing operations and looking for more efficient and productive ways of working. To accommodate this, if at any point during your time with OrderWise you need to add extra functionality to your system, improve operational efficiency or train new staff then The OrderWise Client Services Team are the ideal people to speak to about how OrderWise can meet any changing requirements as your business grows and develops.

“The transparency and the way the package was sold definitely appealed to me, the fact it was a modular system where we could decide how much or how little we wanted to go for – and it was a great price, I like the way you owned the software and you just adjust your licenses when you need to expand for more people.” – David Gowling, Director of DMS Flooring Supplies

If you know exactly what you want, that’s great, additional users as well as many additional modules, features and hardware can be easily purchased through the OrderWise Online Shop and added to your licence in minutes. However our Client Services Team are also on hand if you would like to investigate in more detail how any new features, modules or developments can enhance your daily business operations. Get in contact and our Client Services team will happily talk you through how features work, let you know the benefits and arrange a demonstration if you would like to see it in action, either online or at your own premises. Through talking to you about your business and what you are looking to achieve, your Client Services Advisor will then guide you on the best way of meeting your needs, even if that means you won’t be buying any additional functionality after all!

Our Client Services Team Have Vast Experience Of Implementing Business Software Solutions

Whether you are looking to just add one module or start a new project to implement numerous new elements to your solution, our Client Services Team are on hand to help. Each of our trained advisors has the knowledge and skills to gain a real insight into how different businesses work across a wide range of industries and more importantly, how OrderWise can be tailored to meet a company’s individual requirements.

OrderWise Customer Review Service

Would you like us to fully review how your business works to see how you can be getting the most out of your OrderWise solution?

Not a problem. The OrderWise Customer Review Service involves a Client Service Advisor member visiting your premises, spending time looking at how you work, how you use OrderWise, speaking to you about what you want your business to achieve and providing a full range of recommendations, advice and guidance to improve operations.

“We had been using OrderWise for a number of years and it became apparent that we had become a little ‘stuck in our ways’ and were not utilising the system to the its full potential, which was making our life unnecessarily difficult. The time spent with the Client Services Team highlighted our areas of weakness and also indicated how we could better utilise the system through some new reports, changes of certain operating procedures and some additional training on the latest features.” – James Margerison, BM Furniture Ltd

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