Decimal Places Added to EPOS

In fast paced counter sales environments such as retail shops, cash and carry’s and large trade counters, touch screen EPOS systems provide an invaluable tool for staff to process large volumes of customer sales quickly, accurately and efficiently.

As with all types of sales, there will be certain times of the day or week when your retail point of sales may be far busier than usual. It’s in these moments when you need a system that is not only easy to use, but also seamlessly integrates directly with your stock control and order processing system.

When selling items based on volume, weight or length it is unlikely that whole units will be sold and yet many EPOS systems fail to provide the ability for the user to enter decimal places for the stock quantity resulting in orders being split between EPOS and other sales systems to manage a customer’s order.

Handle weights and lengths with ease

New development in the 2013 v8.12 allows items that are not marked as ‘stock in whole units’ to be scanned via EPOS and for the quantity field to be edited to reflect the exactly volume, weight or length that is being sold, ensuring that orders can be handled quickly and efficiently in one system. The number of decimal places that users are able to enter is dictated by the OrderWise stock quantity system setting (System > System Settings > Global > Decimal Places).

For more information on OrderWise Touch Screen EPOS, please watch the EPOS video.

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