Clear visibility of Manufacturing revisions

Ensuring accuracy in sales order processing is vital in reducing unnecessary customer returns and improving customer satisfaction. The process of raising sales orders is straightforward enough; users are able to search for the item they need to add to an order in a variety of ways with clear visibility of the product code, description and category of each item as they add the products to the sales order meaning errors can be identified and rectified quickly. However, when companies are dealing with manufactured or kitted products the description of the item may not provide enough detail to verify that the correct item has been added to the order.

Often manufactured and kitted allow for slight variations in their specification such as the same item coming in multiple colours or finishes. These variations will usually be created as revisions of the same product meaning that an additional level of information is required when creating a sales order and ensuring that the correct items have been selected.

OrderWise Manufacturing ModuleOrderWise already provides the ability to clearly see and select the correct revision when initially adding the product to a sales order, but from the 2013 v8.11 release the Revision Description field has also been made available to the Sales Order Entry Grid. This means that even after the item has been added to the order, users are able to confirm the correct revision has been selected and if required, alter the revision accordingly.

Although it may be impossible to completely eliminate human error, the addition of the Revision Description field to the Sale Order Entry grid represents a significant step in ensuring input errors are significantly reduced helping to improve customer satisfaction and reduce unnecessary costs incurred through customer returns.

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