Easy Cost Justification

OrderWise business software focuses on the elements of your business which are typically areas that involve a large proportion of your companies time, resources and financial investment. With OrderWise your business is able to benefit from a number of savings and efficiency improvements that will help justify its cost, and pay for itself time and time again, year after year.

  • Optimise Your Stock

Only hold the stock you actually require and free up important financial capital to other areas of your business. Also by reducing the risk of over stocking your warehouse you will waste less stock, minimise write offs and even lower your inventory insurance premiums.

  • Increase Your Sales Revenue

With key information at their fingertips your staff will be able to process sales orders quicker and more efficiently, and increase opportunities to up sell and cross sell products to your customers generating more revenue.

  • Reduce Your Purchasing Costs

Take control of your purchasing activities with OrderWise purchase order processing software and ensure you always obtain the best price for the stock you purchase. Control delivery costs from suppliers and even absorb that cost into the products you purchase to give 100% correct profitability in your sales orders when you sell those products.

  • Enhance Your Productivity And Efficiency

As OrderWise gives you streamlined procedures for the processing of all transactions, you are able to measure the productivity of your workforce and be sure your employees in each department are using their time in the most effective way.

  • Gain A Detailed Overview Of Your Business And Maximise Your Profitability

OrderWise gives you detailed reports showing comprehensive and accurate key performance indicators which enable you to make informed business decisions. Through analysing this information you can predict future trends and target new product campaigns to your existing customers, generating further profit.

We are even able to help spread the price of OrderWise for your business, in most circumstances, by arranging lease purchase for you.

This means you are able to keep your cashflow where it is needed most – in the day to day running of your business. You can start making profit instantly, giving you a faster return on investment.

Lease purchase also gives you a financial advantage over paying outright for software too. As your lease purchase payments are classed as an operating expense in your accounts, they can be completely deducted from your taxable profits whereas paying for software outright can only be written off over 3 years. This saving effectively cancels out most of the interest you pay on the finance.

Leasing is about breaking the price of OrderWise down into manageable structured payments that you are able to budget for every month. It doesn’t mean you are just renting the OrderWise software either, at the end of the term, upon receipt of the final payment you will own your OrderWise software outright.

OrderWise is an affordable business solution that can enable you to overcome the challenges your business faces today and grow with you into the future too.

Our prices are not just for the OrderWise software alone; our prices include time saving services too:

  • Our Migration team will make sure that implementation is a smooth as possible. We appoint you a personal Project Coordinator who will import your data, arrange your training dates and be with you every step of the way from purchase to going live.
  • With our core software you receive a lifetime concurrent user licence meaning no reoccurring costs for the software.
  • You will receive one to one training at our premises in Lincoln, (training at your premises is available at an additional cost), to give you complete confidence in using the system. Even better you won’t use a generic training database, the training is done using your data meaning the training course is 100% relevant to your company and your staff will recognise all your products, customers and suppliers.
  • As part of the core software package you will also receive 6 months support and upgrades with remote access to give you piece of mind. Annual support and upgrade contracts are available thereafter at a choice of levels to suit your requirements.

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