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Save Time In Peak Seasons By Applying Supervisory Controls En Masse

Nov 21, 2018 | Our Software

system settingsFor any business, it is important to keep tight control over company data by locking down certain information to staff. There are different reasons as to why businesses will want to block visibility of certain lines of data, either for security purposes or to simply keep the information staff see only to what is relevant. For example, when hiring seasonal staff in busy trading periods such as Christmas, locking down information to just the specific stock location relevant to that worker helps focus their attention and aids their productivity.

However, if businesses are taking on a whole group of seasonal staff who all require the same data visibility permissions, the difficulty comes when they must manually enter these permissions for each individual worker. This can mean supervisors and managers spending a considerable amount of time on simple data input rather than more important activities at crucial peak times. For these circumstances, it is therefore important that companies can easily apply permissions to whole groups of staff in one go.

Apply Supervisor Queries To Whole User Groups

With OrderWise, businesses are already provided with enhanced controls over user permissions, with the ability to easily configure exactly what modules, features and data each member of staff, or groups of staff, can access.

Extending this configurability of security permissions, version 18.11 of OrderWise now provides an easy way of locking down information through Supervisor data queries to whole groups of staff at once, rather than just individuals. This not only massively boosts efficiency by providing the ability to add grid permissions to multiple members of staff in one pass, but also helps aid productivity by ensuring those members of staff only see the information relevant to their role.

supervisor restrictions

Thanks to this new enhancement, businesses using OrderWise can ensure they have the enhanced control over their data they need, without needing to spend too long setting up individual user queries. This removes the burden of extensive security set up from supervisors and managers, instead giving them more free time to focus on growing the business.

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