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Maintain GDPR Compliance On-The-Go With New Contact Fields On Android

Nov 2, 2018

Android AppIntroduced back in May, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been the biggest change to Data Privacy laws since the Data Protection Act (1988), with businesses across the country ensuring they have the right procedures in place to maintain their lawful basis for data processing. For some companies, this will involve staff recording personal data and the lawful basis for processing on-the-move.

For any business operating with sales reps or other staff recording personal data on-the-go, having the ability to record the lawful basis for processing at the time the data is entered is essential for accurate compliance. If this information is mis-recorded upon return to the office or not logged at all, lack of compliance with GDPR regulations could potentially lead to sanctions and consequences for the company. Therefore, it is vitally important for businesses recording personal data on-the-move to have a system in place that aids GDPR compliance.

Easily Adhere To GDPR Requirements On-The-Go

OrderWise has already added several new contact fields this year to allow users to easily record and store their lawful basis for data processing. Now offering further assistance with GDPR compliance, new functionality has been added to the OrderWise Mobile App this month to allow staff to record this lawful basis for processing against a contact from their mobile or tablet. Replicating in-system functionality, this gives businesses the flexibility of being able to easily record this key information from their mobile device when working away from the office. This is then synchronised back to the main system, offering full visibility when required.

Thanks to this useful new addition, businesses can ensure that staff can adhere to GDPR requirements by being able to record the necessary information against their customer contacts, both in-system and on-the-move.

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