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Keep Staff On Top Of Tasks With New CRM & BI Alerts Feature

Sep 26, 2018

CRM 150x150In busy sales environments, it is important for staff to ensure they stay on top of their assigned tasks, proactively chasing up the right customers and completing their daily activities in a timely manner. However, without the right structure in place, businesses can find staff often let assigned tasks go overdue. This is because as staff begin multi-tasking or get called to meetings that then require additional follow ups, they can quickly forget to prioritise their efforts on those tasks that require the most attention.

Without clear visibility of tasks that have been allowed to go overdue, businesses will find that staff struggle to maintain a productive workload. Additionally, if meetings or telephone calls with customers have been arranged for a specific date and time, missing these scheduled appointments and leaving them to go overdue will cause customer dissatisfaction. If this was the only time the customer was free, it could possibly lead to sales opportunities to be missed altogether.

Maintain High Productivity With Greater Alert Visibility

With OderWise CRM, companies are already provided with the functionality to effectively keep on top of outstanding tasks and maintain strong customer relationships. Through the additional ability to have vital data delivered to staff as and when it arises with OrderWise BI Alerts, staff are pushed to be more reactive to key business happenings and act quicker.

Now adding to this, OrderWise has welcomed new functionality which gives users even greater visibility of the number of alerts and activities assigned to them. This is delivered through a number in brackets shown after the applicable module name (CRM or BI Alerts) in OrderWise, which represents the outstanding alerts and outstanding CRM activities for the logged in user. These numbers represent any outstanding activities/alerts for the day, as well as any overdue from the day before. With values refreshing every minute, users can ensure accurate insight at all times into the number of tasks they have outstanding and overdue.

Overdue Alerts 500px 1

Thanks to this highly useful new addition, OrderWise CRM & BI Alert users can benefit from increased staff visibility that ensures tasks are completed on time and not left to go overdue. By being additionally alerted to these top priority tasks, businesses can ensure assignments are completed quickly and efficiently, with a high level of productivity maintained.

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