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Give New & Temporary Staff The Visibility They Need In Picking & Goods In

Nov 21, 2018 | Our Software

Goods in 150In fast moving warehouse environments, staff need to ensure that the necessary checks are in place for accurate order fulfilment to be achieved so that customers receive their products promptly and on time. With these verification checks in place for when stock is received into the warehouse and for when goods are shipped, businesses can minimise the impact of incorrect items being picked, or the incorrect items being received from suppliers.

However, the issue which businesses face is that if there are new or temporary staff working within the warehouse, which can be the case during busy periods such as Christmas, staff who are unfamiliar with the products may not be able to spot errors easily. This can make fulfilling orders more of a challenge, as new staff can take longer verifying the items they are booking in and picking.

This can ultimately have a detrimental effect on the whole despatch process, causing warehouse productivity to drop, as well as potentially further impact the fulfilment process. Therefore, businesses should ensure that new and temporary staff have the tools they need to quickly identify whether the products they are picking and receiving are indeed correct.

Easily Verify Products With Images On Mobile WMS Devices

To eliminate these problems, this month a new button has been added to the OrderWise Mobile Picking and Goods In Modules on our Mobile WMS Devices. This button is visible within the Pick Item, Pick Lines, Goods In and Goods In Lines screens, and when pressed will show any approved Variant Images.

With this new button available, warehouse pickers using Mobile WMS Devices are now provided with visual aids when completing their delegated activities, so they can simply look at the picture of the product on their device to verify the item is correct. This will help increase the productivity and accuracy of both new and temporary staff when completing their daily tasks, helping to ensure fast order fulfilment and better product control.

If you want to learn more about how our Mobile WMS Devices can aid the speed and accuracy of your order fulfilment, please contact us on 01522 704083.


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