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Gain Visibility of Accurate Customer Credit Information With Automated Recalculations

Nov 2, 2018

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For any business managing customer accounts, ensuring credit details are kept regularly updated can be a real challenge. Although many businesses will recalculate customer credit details overnight ready for the next day, there can be a requirement to update this more frequently during the day to allow for greater accuracy through real-time information. That said, keeping this information updated manually is not only time consuming due to the fluctuation at which customers can be over or within their credit terms, but also means there is a risk that details aren’t kept accurately maintained.

If businesses don’t have a fast and seamless way of having customer credit information accurately updated, issues can quickly arise. If a customer is over their credit terms and put on hold, this needs to be tightly controlled so that no further orders aren’t raised. On the other side, customers that are paid up shouldn’t have to experience slower order processing times while their account is checked and validated. Therefore, automating the recalculation process and running this regularly allows businesses to ensure that the information staff see when raising customer orders is correct.

Save Time & Eliminate Manual Checks Through Task Automation

The OrderWise Sales and Accounts modules both already offer a suite of functionality to manage customer accounts and their credit terms, allowing for simple and accurate control. Now this month, brand new functionality has been added to OrderWise enabling customer credit information to be automatically recalculated through the scheduled service. Specifically, there is now a new task type which will also have two options for “automatically place orders on or off hold” and “automatically place customer over credit terms.”, allowing further time to be saved through task automation.

Thanks to this great new functionality, OrderWise users can eliminate the need to manually check accounts and simply have this utility running automatically in the background so that customer credit information can be kept accurately updated. This allows delays in the processing of customer orders to be carefully avoided whilst also ensuring the credit information that staff see in OrderWise is always correct.

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