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Gain Instant Insight Into Key Trends With New BI Turnover Charts

Nov 21, 2018 | Our Software

Business Intelligence 150x150In order for monthly and annual sales targets to be hit, it is important for businesses to closely monitor and review customer spending habits to identify which products are selling and not selling. However without the right tools in place, obtaining this crucial information can require an intensive data gathering exercise, resulting in insights that are quickly outdated and cause sales opportunities to be missed.

What’s more, even when the necessary sales data has been identified, some businesses won’t have the time to analyse this information in detail and therefore require a more immediate interpretation. By being able to easily view and quickly identify trends in how customers are spending, businesses can ensure that any issues in company performance are quickly corrected through the appropriate actions being taken.

Instant Insight Into Customer Purchasing Trends With More Turnover Charts

With OrderWise Business Intelligence, companies are already provided with the analytical tools they need to assist company aspirations, drive smarter sales processes and ultimately promote business growth. This includes the ability to gain at-a-glance insight into customer spending habits through constantly refreshing turnover charts, available within the main Business Intelligence grids.

Extending the visibility and insights available through Business Intelligence, version 18.11 of OrderWise has seen the addition of product/variant turnover and quantity charts to a number of popular Business Intelligence grids. With information displayed based on the selected product/variant, users can now gain instant insight into key trends such as whether certain customers are spending more or less than in previous months and years.

These new turnover charts can be found within the following grids:

  • Customer > Invoiced > Products
  • Customer > Invoiced > Variants
  • Customer > Sold > Products
  • Customer > Sold > Variants

With the addition of these new customer turnover charts, users can now benefit from a clear, easy-to-interpret representation of their OrderWise sales data. By using these new turnover charts, as well as the extensive drill down functionality already available, companies using OrderWise Business Intelligence can very quickly discover any noticeable leakage, plug this early on and help drive forward better company performance.

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