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Gain Accurate Stock Control Of Your Packing Materials

Aug 22, 2018

Stock 150x150In high volume despatch environments, packaging materials used to ship goods can often become depleted faster than best-selling products. As stock of these materials runs low, there is the desire for businesses to manage the restocking of their packaging like they would any normal product. This is because in order to guarantee a smooth despatch of customer orders, packing materials must be treated and checked to ensure the right quantity is available to cater for products leaving the warehouse.

Without an effective method of managing the reordering and booking in of packing materials, businesses can see themselves running out of stock. This could potentially cause despatch delays as businesses must wait for the right packaging materials to ship out orders correctly, for example fragile items. Therefore not managing packing materials correctly can not only slow throughput, but also potentially lead to customer dissatisfaction.

New Feature To Effectively Manage Packaging Replenishment In OrderWise

In version 18.8 of OrderWise, packing materials can now be treated like any other stock item in the OrderWise system. Businesses have the ability to set minimum and maximum stock levels against the materials, as well as buy and book in stock alongside normal purchasing activities. Once the packing material has been assigned and shipped, then the quantity of the material will reduce, replicating the same process a normal stock item would when it is despatched.

This new functionality provides businesses with complete control and visibility over their packaging materials, allowing them to ensure orders are always sent out on time.

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