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Effectively Balance Staff Workload With Total Lines Visibility

Sep 27, 2018

Despatch 150x150In any busy warehouse environment, it is vitally important for warehouse supervisors and managers to ensure workloads between staff remain well-balanced so that high productivity and despatch efficiency is maintained. To achieve this, businesses need strong visibility of their staff’s current workload, so they know who is best suited to complete any outstanding picks. To do this effectively, businesses need to be able to examine multiple metrics before assigning picks to staff.

This is because simply looking at total orders assigned doesn’t offer the full picture, as one order may have 50 lines or more and another only one or two. This could lead to one member of staff picking orders with fewer lines, while another member of staff is piled up with orders containing larger quantities of order lines. Therefore when assigning picks, businesses also require order line visibility to ensure picking workload is evenly spread amongst staff. Without this, companies can find warehouse productivity and order throughput suffers as a result.

Master Your Pick Assignment With OrderWise Despatch

With OrderWise, businesses can already fully automate the pick assignment process through the use of Pick Rules, which enables users to apply custom rules (such as heavy picks to a forklift driver) that ensures the most suitable picker is always selected. Additionally, businesses using OrderWise Despatch also already have visibility of Total Orders and Total Weight within the Orders Requiring Picking Screen to help when manually assigning picks.

Now increasing this visibility, this month OrderWise has introduced the ability to view the total number of lines for a pick alongside Total Orders and Total Weight. By having this extra visibility of the total number of lines, companies using OrderWise can evenly distribute pick lines per picker through accurate knowledge of what volumes need to be picked for each order, as well as a better understanding of how long an order will take to be picked.


By having this information available, companies can ensure a quick and smooth despatch process that maximises productivity and helps increase the volume of orders being shipped.

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