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More Ways To Dissect & Analyse Your Business Data With Multi-Select BI Filters

Nov 2, 2018

Business Intelligence 150x150In today’s trading environments where even the smallest marginal increases to bottom line profitability can make a big difference, companies are always looking for insight into where improvement to sales performance can be made. However, to unlock this extra sales potential it can often mean businesses analysing data based on numerous criteria rather than from just one perspective.

Without the right tools to dissect sales data from multiple angles and filter information based on certain factors, businesses inhibit their ability to seize additional revenue from capturing extra sales opportunities. By allowing this sales potential to remain hidden, companies will find their business growth becomes stunted as turnover begins to plateau rather than flourish.

Through OrderWise Business Intelligence, companies are already provided with a full suite of functionality to help them analyse sales performance from every possible angle. Available both in-system and through the OrderWise Mobile App, businesses can easily drill down into their data to plug leakage at the source and discover the additional sales opportunities just waiting to be captured.

Easily Multi-Select BI Filters For Greater Manipulation Of Data

Now further enhancing the functionality available with OrderWise Business Intelligence, a new feature has been added this month which now allows users to multi-select filters within this module, such as

order source and territory, and apply these to the search. This means rather than just applying one option from each drop-down filter, Business Intelligence users can now select several options instead, providing more ways to dissect their data.

This simple but useful new addition to Business Intelligence means users can now benefit from even more ways to manipulate, view and dissect their OrderWise data. From this, OrderWise Business Intelligence users can ensure they have the flexibility against key business metrics to make accurate and informed decisions that help to promote growth.

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