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Courier Integrations To Landmark Global and Palletline Contrado Added

Nov 2, 2018

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Businesses seeking fast order fulfilment will often liaise with a range of courier services to ensure their goods are always effectively distributed on time. This means the speedy, accurate transfer of information over to couriers is essential so that orders are fulfilled correctly, while customer satisfaction kept high.

Without a system in place to facilitate this, businesses can find themselves having to manually transfer over vital order information to their couriers. This laborious process not only lowers despatch productivity but also increases the likelihood of mistakes being made by staff in the transposition of data.

OrderWise Courier Integration already offers a simple and effective solution to this problem, with order information automatically sent over to the required courier upon shipment in OrderWise. Then by using OrderWise Delivery Rules alongside this functionality, businesses can also ensure the most cost-effective courier based on a shipment’s size, weight and intended destination is chosen every single time.

Now this month, two new courier providers join our growing list of integrations to ensure accurate delivery through the automatic transfer of order details for a more streamlined despatch.

Landmark Global

Landmark Global are the international division of Bpost, which is Belgium’s national postal service. This integration is to Landmark Global’s Mercury API and works with both the pick/ship and the pick/pack/ship methods of despatch.

Palletline Contrado

With integration to Palletline already available, a link to Palletline’s Contrado software has now also been added to OrderWise. Contrado is a consignment management system that works alongside Palletline’s digital signature capture and GPS drive tracking. This integration will also work with both the pick/ship and pick/pack/ship methods of despatch.

Thanks to these two new additions, businesses using these two couriers can now benefit from further streamlined despatch processes, helping them to keep costs down, reduce errors and keep customers satisfied.

If you would like to discuss our Courier Integration in further detail, please contact us on 01522 704083.

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