Stock take of bins with allocations

In the August release of OrderWise 2013 (v8.8) we made a change to the way in which the OrderWise Stock Take features work by default. Commonly businesses will want to prevent the stock taking of bins that are currently being picked from to fulfil customer orders or manufacturing demands as performing multiple tasks on stock simultaneously can cause stock to be miscounted, resulting in inaccurate stock adjustments being performed.

The change within OrderWise now prevents the stock taking of bins with allocations against them. If a stock take is started when bins have allocations against them, the following warning message will show on the stock take form:

OrderWise effectively hides the allocated bins from the users view, leading to a more effective, accurate and streamlined stock take procedure by essentially “Red carding” the allocated bins.  By stock taking in this way companies can perform the majority of stock taking activities during business hours reducing weekend, evening or even shut downs to perform stock takes.

However, we understand that not all business will work in this fashion, with some companies holding all stock within a “Default bin” or needing to stock take bins whilst items are being picked. If your business falls into this category, a change of the OrderWise System Settings will allow for this.

Locate the System Module, followed by the System Settings. From the System Settings menu, select Stock > Stock Take and towards the top of the screen you will see a setting to Allow stock take of bins with allocations. Tick the setting and save the System Settings.

With this change made, close all forms relating to stock taking and once reloaded you will now find the previously hidden bins are now available to select.

For more information on OrderWise contact us today on 01522 704083.

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