New streamlined packing feature helps reduce packing bottlenecks

BoxesIt is commonplace for many businesses to need to manage and record how an order is packed, which items are placed in which parcel, box or envelope.  Managing and recording this information is often a requirement when dealing with couriers, providing them with full consignment details and ensuring the traceability and tracking of an order through to a customer.

Flexible, configurable, scalable and streamlined.

Our experience tells us that more often than not it is the packing stage where bottlenecks will often occur, making it an area we are always looking to streamline while ensuring accuracy is retained.  OrderWise provides 2 main methods of despatch, Pick-Ship and Pick-Pack-Ship with one key difference being Pick-Pack-Ship includes the stage of managing packing in a structured way, assigning items to parcels, quantifying packing materials, producing packing notes and consignment details etc.

To pack or not to pack?


Many companies will have a range of items that are simply sent as they are with a label applied directly to the item itself, although there is no need to pack this into anything, it still needs to be recorded as a parcel in its own right.  Similarly there can be items that are often ordered in multiples and these are simply taped together, a label added and this will again represent a parcel.

There are a number of ways the main methods of despatch within OrderWise can be configured to match the exact packing requirements of each business.  Bar code scanning can be used within the packing stage to make this process as fast and accurate as possible along with using Tote Picking and having the Totes as packing materials as just a couple of examples.

If a business regularly handles items of this nature then new development in the 2013 v8.12 release will further streamline the packing stage and help increase packing speeds.  A new ‘Treat as parcel’ Packing Setting has been added against a variant which can be found in the General tab of Variant Settings.

Less clicks, less time, more throughput

With this setting activated, at the packing stage the item will automatically be added as a parcel in its own right, removing the need for a packer to specify the parcel it is going in to and quantify packing materials.  By default a new System Setting in Despatch will be activated to use the Variant code as the parcel name.  In addition a ‘Parcel quantity’ can also be specified within Packing Settings, when the ‘Treat as parcel’ setting is activated users can specify if a multiplier is used to determine how many of the item is required for it to be treat as a parcel.  As mentioned above, companies will often find that certain products can simply be taped together and sent as a parcel without needing to pack them further.

E.g. if you had a variant with a ‘Parcel quantity’ of 4 and an order had 8 of them on it, this would automatically create 2 parcels of 4, again negating the need for the packer to specify this manually.  Other items within the order would be handled in the usual way with the packer specifying which items go into which parcel, box or envelope, or if appropriate they could be added to one of the variant created parcels.

This new setting will enable many businesses to greatly streamline their packing processes, helping to reduce the potential for bottlenecks occurring following picking.

For more information on OrderWise Despatch including HHT Picking, Tote Picking and Pack Scan, watch our videos and download the brochures.

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