My DPD & FedEx UK Ship Manager Courier Links Added

OrderWise Courier IntegrationAs Christmas looms ever closer, businesses will be using this time to monitor their processes and analyse where time can be saved. Companies will often find that bottlenecks occur at the point of despatch with staff needing to rekey delivery and shipment details into unconnected courier systems.

The OrderWise courier Integration module removes this unnecessary drain on time by integrating the OrderWise Despatch module with your chosen courier systems via a direct or batch feed, eliminating the need to rekey information and the chance of transpositional errors.

With the addition of two new courier links in the 2013 v8.12 release OrderWise now integrates with 37 courier systems and the ability to utilise Royal Mail PPI marks on layouts.

My DPD – International Direct Feed

This is a direct feed Link that will pass the delivery details to the courier’s software and return the consignment number to OrderWise.


FedEx UK Ship Manager v4.0.1.7

This courier link integrates with FedEv UK Ship Manager with International Direct Feed & Local Direct Feed.  OrderWise will import consignment numbers from Ship Manager and store them against the delivery in OrderWise.

For more information on OrderWise Courier Integration and a full list of current courier links click here.

To discuss your requirements in more details contact us on 01522 704083

Existing users can head to the OrderWise Online Shop to view the full list of courier links available.

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