Greater analysis added for regular repeat order creation

Regular, repeat orders are the lifeblood of many businesses.  Many companies will have customers that will take the same products or services every day, week, month or year like clockwork.  For many these sales are as guaranteed as you can get, you know in advance exactly what is required, the income it will generate, when it needs to be delivered, these are the customers that pay the bills.  Making sure that these regular orders are correctly handled is essential as missed deliveries, stock shortfalls, invoicing errors and similar issues run the risk of business being taken elsewhere.  Although every business wants to provide the highest level of service and care to all their customers, losing a contract or regular repeat customer can be devastating and extra care often needs to be given.

Regular, reliable, scheduled orders

OrderWise includes the ability to create and manage Scheduled Orders.  This functionality is perfect for creating and managing repeat orders at regular intervals.  If for example there is a contract to supply the same items every week then the Scheduled Order functionality enables a sales order to be created and a frequency to be set to match the customer’s requirements.

The flexibility of the Scheduled Order functionality means frequencies can be set to meet almost all eventualities.

  • Scheduled order entryEvery X days
  • Weekly on X day of the week
  • Monthly on x date of the month

Users can also determine other parameters such as

  • Date of first delivery
  • Date to end the schedule
  • How many days ahead of the required date the order is to be created (This ensures demand can be placed on the stock in sufficient time should items need to be ordered from suppliers)
  • Whether to use the price on the original sales order or recalculate the price based on the customer or variant settings at the time the scheduled order is created.
  • Whether to use any delivery price on the original sales order or recalculate based on the current price against the delivery method at the time the scheduled order is created.

Once scheduled orders have been set they are then created by running the Scheduled Order Utility, when running this a date in the future is chosen and any scheduled orders that fall within this date range will be created (accounting for the no of days ahead of the required date the order is set to be created).

Full control and analysis of scheduled order creation

Recognising how important it is to ensure regular order requirements are being met, especially when multiple scheduled orders are in place we have added a new Scheduled Order Creation List feature in the 2013 v8.12 release.  Controlled via a new Sales System Setting called Show Scheduled Order Creation List, following the creation of scheduled orders a window will then provide a full list of all of the orders that have been created.  As with any grid within OrderWise users are then able to filter, group, sum, edit the fields shown and export to excel.  This allows full analysis of the created orders, value by customer, allows additional checking of order creation and much more.  When these orders can represent such a key regular income for a business it is always beneficial to have extra levels of analysis available.

For more information on OrderWise Sales watch the video or download the brochure.

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