Improve the speed and cost-effectiveness of all your manufacturing and build processes

As a manufacturer, striking the perfect balance between accurate control over costs and maximum efficiency can be a challenge. The cost of components, labour, equipment and any sub-contracted work all needs to be correctly recorded so that true margins can be calculated, however this often comes at the expense of longer production schedules. On top of this, works order processes aren’t completed quickly enough due to excessive manual interaction, leaving your production planning to quickly become disorganised. If you are also managing multiple bill of materials (BOMs) with several revisions, substitutions and options, these issues are likely to just be confounded further.    

Having 30 years’ experience in providing solutions to the Manufacturing industry, we at OrderWise are here to help you strike the right balance between accurate cost management and high productivity. Suitable for a range of operations from simple builds to complex manufacturing with multi-layer sub-assemblies, our software ensures complete cost control and rapid production to ensure orders are always fulfilled within the appropriate timescales.

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With our software already being used to manage a broad range of manufacturing operations across a variety of industries, our team have the acute understanding to help you maximise the accuracy and efficiency of all your production processes.

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Gain complete end-to-end control of your manufacturing operations

From multi-level and reverse BOM to sub-contracted processes, OrderWise delivers all the functionality and insight you need to manage every aspect of your daily manufacturing. With a click of a button, you can instantly identify outstanding works order and component stock requirements, with the flexibility to base this on both sales demand and currently held items across one or more locations. Then through using OrderWise Manufacturing alongside our barcode-scanning mobile devices, your team can maximise accuracy and efficiency by scanning through component picks and works order processes. Upon completion, our software also enables you to ensure any by-products as well as over, under or part builds are always managed in the correct way.

Want to improve scheduling and gain better control over your production capacity? With the OrderWise Works Order Planner your business can benefit from greater insight into your current schedule, so you can better organise and rearrange work as needed. Offering complete visibility and the ability to group similar works orders together, you can ensure time availability is always effectively managed so you can increase output and meet demand deadlines.

As a long-time supplier to Pharmaceutical & Food manufacturers, our software also delivers complete traceability from component level through to complete builds, enabling you to adhere to any regulations or internal audits. So whether you are looking to manage serial numbers, batch numbers or expiry dates, OrderWise ensures this information is always retained as goods move through your manufacturing operations.  

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See how our clients, Mackays and A. Perry, have gained full visibility throughout their manufacturing processes enabling them to gain full end-to-end traceability, as well as save time and money through greater productivity.

Mackays Case Study

Perrys Manufacture

manufacturing software


Manage multi-level BOMs with multiple revisions, efficiently process works orders and accurately record all production costs including components, labour and equipment.
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inventory management software

Stock Control & Inventory Management

Whether building products for stock, to order or an element of both, OrderWise will help you optimise stock levels for both components and finished items.
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warehouse management system

Warehouse Management

Maximise the speed and accuracy of goods in, component picking, order fulfilment and all other key warehouse processes.
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Mobile WMS Devices

Quickly and accurately scan through component picks, works order processes and warehouse tasks within a completely paperless environment.
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Accurately replenish component stock and manage overseas supply chains, helping you to ensure you only ever buy the right stock, in the right quantity, at the right price.
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Also managing kitted items? OrderWise simplifies the handling of your kits and bundles, processing these in a structured manner as they move through your business.
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“OrderWise has allowed us to streamline our manufacturing planning process. Now our Manufacturing Services Manager plans the next week or two week aheads, builds the BOMs and then everything else is completed on the shop floor by the workers – so it’s a whole lot slicker and more efficient.” 

– Mackays