Scan As You Shop
Customer Scanning on HHT

Scan As You Shop is an innovative way of shopping that allows businesses, whether they are a wholesaler with a large showroom or retailer with a traditional till point, to massively speed up their order processing by presenting their clientele with barcode scanners upon their arrival. This allows them to avoid long checkout queues by scanning the items they want as they browse the outlet before simply docking their device and paying for the goods once they are finished.

OrderWise Scan As You Shop is designed for use with our Mobile Devices and delivers the flexibility and system integration that businesses need from their Self Scan solution. With our Scan As You Shop software, customers shopping in retail outlets, showrooms, cash & carries and more can go around scanning the items they want, the quantity required and have a running total for their order while they are still walking the shop.

Benefit From Complete Control Over How Each Customer Scanned Order Is Processed

OrderWise Scan As You Shop caters for each customer in a logical way by giving businesses the flexibility to process customer scanned orders in a number of different ways once they have been sent back to OrderWise. A new sales order can be added, processed as normal and then delivered and invoiced to the customer. Alternatively if businesses are using these devices in the more traditional retail environment, the scanned order can also be imported into an OrderWise EPOS sales order, allowing payment and goods to be taken immediately. This ensures that no matter the customer’s requirements, OrderWise Scan As You Shop will handle each situation effectively.

Just some of the key features available with Scan As You Shop are:

  • Ideal for any business operating a Retail Store, Showroom or Cash & Carry
  • Compatible with OrderWise Mobile Devices
  • Seamlessly integrated with the Main OrderWise System
  • Allows Customers To Scan-While-They-Shop
  • View Running Total Including Any Item & Whole Order Discounts
  • Can Use An Existing Account ID or A Guest Account
  • Easy Import Back Into OrderWise or OrderWise EPOS For Processing
  • Flexibility To Handle Diverse Customer Requirements

With OrderWise Scan As You Shop, businesses using OrderWise can benefit from a comprehensive, innovative and flexible order processing solution that allows customers to conveniently scan-while-they-shop when ordering in store. By using OrderWise to deliver this service effectively, users can ensure that sales are fully maximised and visitors to their walk-in sales environments always receive a first-class shopping experience.


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