Website Integration

Orderwise WebSite Integration

Online sales are now an essential part of any businesses sales strategy and in many cases represent the only route to market a company takes.

Manually accessing a website or web shop to retrieve, process and update orders, update prices, manage stock levels and then re-keying information into other systems is a familiar routine for many businesses trading through online sales channels. Although this may be manageable while handling low order volumes and a limited product range from one website, as volumes grow, product ranges expand and the number of websites you sell through increases, your online business can quickly become impossible to maintain.

With OrderWise Website Integration, your business is able to seamlessly link your websites and web shops into OrderWise for up-to-date stock figures and automated online order management.

By automatically downloading sales orders, updating despatch notifications, synchronising stock levels and prices across all of your websites along with a range of other possible actions, the need for time consuming manual interaction is eliminated. This streamlined system means your customers are kept informed with up to date information, orders are despatched quickly and accurately, overselling is eliminated and administrative tasks are reduced, even if you are using multiple different web carts.

“The OrderWise eCommerce sessions are crucial to us, we’ve got 28 sales channels so being able to keep an eye on them altogether and all at the same time is very useful.” – Mark Turner, Operations Manager at PJA Distribution

OrderWise Website Integration lets your business make the most of a growing online market. Whether your business trades solely online or also sells via traditional channels, OrderWise provides one central system for all of your stock control and sales order management needs. OrderWise Website Integration offers links to a wide range of off the shelf, open source and bespoke website, web shop and shopping cart platforms along with popular marketplace channels. Below is a list of just some of the platforms we have integrated with:- all-ecommerce._new

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