OrderWise DespatchOrderWise Despatch provides you with effective warehouse management tools to ensure orders are fulfilled profitably, accurately and on time.

Whether a business is fulfilling a handful of orders or thousands of orders every day, OrderWise Despatch can provide the right solution. Flexible and scalable, the OrderWise Despatch module can be configured to meet the exact needs of each business, with a full suite of warehouse management tools that utilise barcode scanning technology also available.

Orders from all sales channels that require fulfilment and are processed through OrderWise will be instantly available within the OrderWise Despatch module, ready for staff to be sent to pick the required stock. This seamless integration between OrderWise Sales and OrderWise Despatch enables fast reaction and ensures delivery deadlines are met.

Clear, efficient despatch and warehouse management

The OrderWise Warehouse Management System provides a clear visual indication of the current stock and allocation status for each order and order line, ensuring picks are always managed efficiently. Users can also quickly filter and sort orders for despatch using a variety of criteria including sales order information, stock location, promised date, product code, stock status and more, allowing businesses to achieve complete despatch and pick management control.

With OrderWise Despatch, warehouse managers also have the tools to allocate and spread the workload, monitor performance and identify resource requirements. This allows them to ensure all resources are fully optimised so that maximum productivity and accuracy is achieved.

OrderWise Despatch is specially designed to save businesses time and money. Individual or multiple orders can be picked with clear and concise instructions to inform pickers exactly what to pick, from where, which walk route to use to ensure the fastest path through the warehouse is taken, OrderWise Despatch is designed to save businesses valuable time and money.  On completion, required documentation including delivery notes, packing lists, invoices and labels can be produced ready for shipping.

Pick Using Barcodes With OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices

HHT Scanner Massively increase picking speeds and accuracy with our revolutionary OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices. WiFi and 3G enabled, picks are wirelessly synchronised to a picker’s Mobile WMS Device with users following on screen instructions to scan and pick orders quickly and efficiently. With functionality to rapidly pick multiple orders at once, maximise productivity through Pick Timers, Stock Replenishments and much more, OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices are an essential for any business looking to optimise the speed and accuracy of their despatch operations.

With our Mobile WMS Devices also boasting full support for GS1 barcodes, businesses can utilise this technology to further streamline key despatch processes such as Picking, In-System Packing, Stock Replenishments, Goods In Despatch and more.

TheHHT Scanner OrderWise Despatch Tote Picking functionality then provides a barcode pick management system with barcode packing features. An incredibly flexible and scalable system, Tote Picking provides businesses regardless of the type of stock, size and volume of orders or size of operation the ability to pick, pack and despatch faster and more accurately compared to traditional methods.

Brochures and videos are available to explain more on key functionality and benefits of OrderWise Despatch, Mobile WMS Devices and Tote Picking.

Just some of the popular features of OrderWise Despatch:

  • Choice of despatch modes to suit the business
  • Complete batch & serial traceability
  • Guide pickers using the fastest walk routes
  • Keep pick faces topped up with stock replenishments
  • Full workload visibility and work rate analysis
  • Full document production
  • Wireless barcode scanning including GS1 Barcode support
  • Fast and accurate multi-order picking
  • Barcode packing options
  • Manage multiple pickers and packers
  • Manage 3rd party fulfilment warehouse despatch
  • Quickly turnaround orders with Goods In Despatch
  • Use marshalling areas to collate, pack and palletise orders
  • Stock discrepancy/damage management
  • Control & record packing materials and produce packing lists
  • & Much, Much More

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