Trade Counter And Point Of Sale

OrderWise Trade Counter And POSIf your company is taking orders over a trade counter, the OrderWise Point of Sale (POS) module can ensure serving those clients is an efficient and streamlined process. POS provides sales staff with user friendly tools to ensure every sale is maximised while also providing customers with a highly professional service. OrderWise Point of Sale software is designed to quickly process trade counter sales, streamlining order processing whilst reflecting the way stock is handled and despatched in a trade counter scenario.

Like all areas of OrderWise, the POS module can be easily customised and tailored to meet the exact requirements of the business. Whether customers are taking goods away, require goods to be delivered, are part taking/part delivering or collecting orders, taking full or part payments on account, OrderWise POS can effectively manage any and all of these commonly occurring situations within trade counter environments.

With this flexible module businesses can easily cater to the needs of their customers, making it the perfect solution for your trade counter sales operations. OrderWise POS Features:

  • Eliminates Despatch Process When Goods Are Taken
  • Automatic Stock Adjustments
  • Take or Deliver Spilt Quantities
  • Take Orders for Account Customers
  • Process Cash Customer Sales
  • Integrate With Payment Processing
  • Link with Cash Drawer and Receipt Printer
  • Split Payments Across Different Payment Methods
  • Batch & Serial Traceability
  • Speed & Accuracy With Barcode Scanning
  • All The Functionality Available With OrderWise Sales Order Processing

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