OrderWise Telephone Integration Flow

TAPI Integration

TAPI (Telephony Application Program Interface) is an interface which allows communication and integration between telephone systems and computer networks.

With OrderWise & TAPI integration, businesses are able to benefit from greater efficiency by providing staff with the ability to dial customers and suppliers from directly within OrderWise with just one simple click.

The perfect partner for OrderWise Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) and Contact Manager, staff are able to use TAPI integration within these modules to quickly and conveniently call customers and suppliers. Using the relevant contact number that is dynamically loaded when their client record is up on screen, staff are able to dial and accurately record the details of the conversation to ensure subsequent tasks are efficiently managed and actioned, along with providing a full audit trail of each customer contact.

Similarly when an existing client calls in, OrderWise TAPI Integration makes it possible to display an incoming call alert on the screens of a group of users, for example your sales team. When the call is accepted, the client record is dynamically loaded via a screen pop up for clear visibility of key information.

By using OrderWise TAPI Integration, businesses are able to:

  • Dial Customers or Suppliers With One Click
  • Create Call Alerts By Group
  • Automatically Open CRM Record Associated With Contact
  • Increase Staff Efficiency
  • Maintain A Full Contact Audit Trail

Please note that the use of TAPI with OrderWise requires a TAPI-compliant PBX.

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