Stock Transfers

For businesses housing certain product lines across various locations, Transfer Order Screen 2the ability to transfer stock between their branches and warehouses both efficiently and in the right quantities soon becomes a necessity. Full visibility of stock across each of their sites is required so that companies working from multiple locations are able to move stock around accordingly in order to meet demand. If stock levels for an item in one location cannot keep up with requirements in order to capitalise on all sales opportunities, the ability is needed to transfer stock from another location that has a surplus as this offers a more efficient and cost-effective method of obtaining goods compared to purchasing.

With the OrderWise Stock Transfers module, businesses are able to effectively manage the process of transferring and transporting stock between multiple distribution centres, warehouses, depots and branches. OrderWise Stock Transfers provides users with full visibility of their stock as it is moved internally and utilises the goods in and despatch processes to record each transaction and associated costs.

Achieve Structured Management Of Stock Movements Between Branches

With OrderWise Stock Transfers, users are able to see full details for any incoming transfers in the same way they can for outstanding purchase orders, ensuring that customers can be informed of progress and potential sales opportunities are not missed. As well as being able to see these goods in transit, users are also able to utilise the Transfer Report to quickly and easily determine demand that can be fulfilled by transferring stock across from other branches or warehouses.

Just some of the key features available with OrderWise Stock Transfers are:

  • Fully Costed Management Of Stock Transfers
  • Reduce Capital Tied Up In Unnecessarily Duplicated Stock
  • Capture More Sales With Full Stock Visibility Including Goods In Transit
  • Cater for the unique stock demands of each stock location
  • Utilise To Transfer Report To Quickly Determine Stock Demand
  • Effectively Forecast Requirements With Transfer Reorder List
  • Handle Despatch From One Location & Goods In At Another
  • Retain Full Serial & Batch Traceability
  • Maintain Stock Accuracy At All Times
  • Full Audit Trail For Stock Count & Valuation Purposes
  • Compatible With OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices

By using the OrderWise Stock Transfers module, companies can benefit from a structured, visible and traceable solution that enables them to achieve smarter, more cost-effective handling of stock movements across multiple locations.