Size & Colour Matrix

clothing softwareThe Size and Colour Matrix Clothing Software provides an easy method of adding, purchasing and selling products that are almost identical, except for some very slight differences (a shirt may come in XL and XXL sizes, for example).
The Size and Colour Matrix Software was specifically designed for the clothing industry; if this is your industry you will appreciate the ease of which the Size and Colour Matrix displays your products in a tabular format, allowing for easy selection of multiple similar products and the ability to efficiently select a product during the sales order process.

Simple Apparel Sales Management

When using the Size and Colour Matrix, adding clothing products in different sizes becomes a simple and efficient operation. Instead of keying in multiple products that have one attribute slightly different from one another (XL and XXL for example), users are able to set up a Size and Colour Matrix template and a base product.

With this information, OrderWise will create a full set of products with unique product codes, leaving the user safe in the knowledge that human error can be discounted – as well as the monotony of adding 500 similar products!

The Size and Colour Matrix is also employed in OrderWise Sales. During a sales order a client may ask for a certain item of clothing. The Size and Colour Matrix is then loaded, showing your sales operator the exact level of stock across each dimension of that product.

As you would expect from OrderWise, Size and Colour Matrix can be configured on a per-grouping of products, giving you absolute control of your product line.

As an example, let’s imagine a clothing retailer sells a variety of trousers, with new ranges being added frequently. Each range typically consists of 4 different leg sizes and 11 different waist sizes. Size and Colour Matrix takes away both the repetitiveness of adding 36 new products in this instance and the possibility of human error when keying in the products. When it comes to selling these items, the Size and Colour Matrix will clearly show the user how much stock is available per product from within OrderWise Sales.

The OrderWise Size and Colour Matrix can also be used with items other than clothes, such as coloured paving, differently coloured paper with differing weights, and electronic goods that may have different fascias.

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