Goods In

Warehousing softwareWhen stock arrives at your warehouse, it is important to log their arrival and quickly get them into the correct stock locations. As standard OrderWise warehousing software supports multiple stock locations, along with multiple bins or sub locations within those stock locations and the ability to store each product in any of these areas.

OrderWise also supports full stock traceability, for either single products using serial numbers, or groups of products using batch numbers. Stock items can be placed into quarantine if required, should there be reason to avoid their immediate despatch, with a date then set for their release.

Booking In GoodsGenerally it falls to the warehouse staff to receive goods from suppliers and, because they are also responsible for the demanding task of despatching goods to customers, it is critical that they don’t spend too much time receiving goods from suppliers.

This is achieved with OrderWise Goods In via a series of dedicated screens that allow the warehouse staff to select the purchase order for the goods which are being received, and then simply selecting those goods on the system.

Once the goods have been selected, OrderWise Goods In will inform the stores person of the products’ location automatically. All the stores person has to do then is confirm the quantity being received.

OrderWise can be used with the latest bar code scanning technology to ensure products are recorded and put away accurately and swiftly.

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