OrderWise Reporting

stock control systemIf there is one thing we have learned over the last 25 years, it is the fact that every company’s requirements when it comes to reporting are unique. Reporting is a crucial aspect to any business, whether it is performance reporting, statistical reporting, financial reporting or simply “what if” reporting.

OrderWise includes as standard a class leading state of the art report designer, created to let you analyse the data your business generates. With the OrderWise Reporting Module, businesses can benefit from over 200 standard reports that provide invaluable insight into all aspects of their business. By using the OrderWise Reports Wizard or the in-house OrderWise Reports and Layouts team for the creation of more complicated reports, users can always be sure that their specific requirements are reached.

Each one of the 200+ standard reports available within OrderWise are fully customisable, with users able to copy and edit report styling and layout to suit the needs of their business. However should users not find the report they are looking for, new reports can be quickly and easily created using the OrderWise Report Wizard.

Automated Report Management For Maximum Efficiency

With OrderWise, whether the business is running one of the 200+ standard reports or custom made reports, a scheduled task can be created to fully automate the running and sending process. Users have completely flexible control over what report is run, how often and over which date range. Then by simply selecting the email output option and entering the email addresses of the report recipients, users can ensure that up to date business data is always available to the right people when needed, allowing decisions to be made with confidence.

Easily Transfer Data With Microsoft Excel

OrderWise Business Reporting also provides businesses with the flexibility to easily import information from and export to Microsoft Excel. With one click of the in-system “Run to Excel” option, businesses can quickly and simply extract required information from OrderWise and benefit from further detailed analysis, segmentation and manipulation of their data.

Advanced Business Reporting With Business Intelligence & KPI Dashboards

Require a greater insight into the performance of your company? Not a problem as when our standard Business Reporting module is combined with OrderWise Business Intelligence and KPI Dashboards, businesses are provided with an unparalleled 360 degree view of their business data.

With the ability to drill down into sales statistics, businesses can use Business Intelligence to quickly discover the reasons behind under-achievement and see why targets have been missed. Using this information, businesses can then accurately determine where improvements in sales strategies need to be made so that overall profitability can be increased. Armed with this vital information, businesses can then use KPI Dashboards module to achieve easy, at-a-glance interpretation of this data.

With over 500 valuable charts, the versatile OrderWise KPI Dashboards module can also be used to gain a constantly refreshed visual representation of all aspects of business data. With full screen capabilities and customer specific dashboards also available, businesses can use KPI Dashboards to aid sales staff and ensure all sales opportunities are always fully maximised.

Let OrderWise Create Your Reports For You

We recognise that not every business has the time or the skills to create the reports that their business needs. That’s why at OrderWise we have a dedicated Reports & Layouts Team with staff on-hand to create reports for you. All you need to do is load the report and run it when the Reports Team email it you. It couldn’t be simpler! Of course, there is a small charge made for this service which will vary depending on the complexity of the report. However with this option available, you have the freedom to create your own reports that you find easy and let the Reports Team create the reports that are a little more complicated.


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