Purchase Order Software is fundamental to business success and is needed to ensure order fulfilment operations run smoothly, cash flow is controlled and profit margins are retained. Many companies often find that the complex task of procurement is managed through a combination of reaction and habit. Without effective Purchase Order Software in place staff end up constantly reacting to demand, poor value is obtained from suppliers with increased delivery costs, lost economies of scale and late order fulfilment. The habitual purchasing of stock, regardless of requirements, can result in over stocking, over spending and shortages on fast moving product lines. Left unchecked this can lead to a downward spiral of reducing margins, unhappy customers and dead capital.

A Purchase Order System For Complete Procurement Control

OrderWise procurement software is designed to simplify the complex and seemingly endless task of ordering the right goods, in the right quantities, at the right price and at the right time. The OrderWise Purchasing Module provides a purchase order solution with a simple, secure, fully featured and scalable interface. The Purchasing Report will automatically identify stock demands from across all areas of the company, taking into account sales, current and desired stock levels, future forecasted demands and any manufacturing requirements for chosen locations, whilst also accounting for lead times, buffer times, works order timescales and more. Manual interaction is dramatically reduced whilst still allowing full control over what is purchased, when, from which supplier and at what price. Activities become planned, allowing best value to be obtained from suppliers with correct stock levels maintained for effective fulfilment of customer requirements and any works order demands.

Easily Manage Back to Back & Drop Ship Ordering

purchase order managementThe OrderWise Purchasing module also offers functionality to support sales orders where the goods are shipped directly from the supplier, commonly known as direct or drop ship orders. Whether raised in-system or imported via eCommerce, direct orders will have purchase orders automatically generated for supplier fulfilment, allowing streamlined drop ship handling to be achieved. With Back To Back ordering, a linked Purchase Order is raised on the back of sales order demand and stock is automatically allocated, ideal for businesses handling special orders. With the added ability to also link supplier price requests to sales orders, businesses where staff negotiate directly with suppliers can ensure this is seamlessly managed. Once the customer orders, the purchase order will be instantly generated, allocating the stock and ensuring accurate profitability.

Tailored To Suit Your Business

Like all layouts in OrderWise, the Purchase Order can be printed onto plain paper and can contain your colour company logo, colour quality marks and other colour business graphics; making for a truly stunning document that can be printed, emailed or faxed directly to the supplier.

Gain True Landed Costs For Every Single Item

Many businesses don’t actually make as much profit on their stock as they think they do. This is primarily because delivery charges, freight costs and duty are not being absorbed into the actual supplier cost of the stock. In some cases this could mean hundreds of pounds are not being taken into account when the same stock is then sold onto customers. With OrderWise, this is not the case. With multi-currency functionality as standard, OrderWise Procurement Software provides a comprehensive range of features for accurate and efficient overseas supply chain management. The OrderWise Purchasing module gives businesses the option for each stock item to absorb import and associated costs when items are booked into stock. Furthermore you can tell each purchase order how you want the costs spread, for example by quantity, by value, by weight, by volume etc. If these costs are calculated and apportioned using a variety of unique methods then they can be applied to purchase orders via an Excel import for complete control and flexibility. Sale prices can then be calculated based on the true cost of stock and your sales team can have full knowledge of the margin available, if they have to haggle over a price with a customer they do so without making a loss on the sale.

Total Supply Chain Management For Purchase Order To Goods Receipt And Beyond

The role of a procurement system does not stop once a purchase order has been raised and neither does OrderWise. OrderWise Purchasing provides full visibility and traceability of purchasing activities, allowing supplier performance to be monitored, orders to be chased and arrival dates maintained. Staff can see exactly when orders are due in so that customers can be kept informed, resources managed and stock allocated or sold on order before it arrives. With seamless integration to the OrderWise Goods In module, OrderWise Purchasing provides a variety of methods including GRN (Goods Received Notes) functionality and Mobile WMS Devices which allow staff to quickly and accurately book in stock against the relevant purchase order. Once received, purchase invoices can be recorded against purchase orders, providing complete validation and control, all the way from raising a purchase order through to goods receipt and supplier invoicing. Finally, these invoices can be passed directly to your accounts software at the click of a button via OrderWise Accounts, Accounts Integration or exported for other external use. Just some of the popular features of the purchase order processing module:

  • Email & print purchase orders & price requests
  • Multi-location & currency
  • Account for supplier lead times, buffer times & manufacturing times
  • Identify & chase outstanding & overdue orders
  • Import supplier price & availability feeds
  • Shipping container management
  • Manage direct to customer and back to back ordering
  • Full serial, batch & expiry traceability
  • Account for future forecasted demands & seasonal trends
  • Calculate & maintain correct stock levels & analyse stock usage trends
  • Record & control true landed costs
  • Process non transactional purchases & batch supplier invoice entry
  • Utilise GRN (Goods Receipt Note) functionality for purchase invoice recording
  • Manage supplier order requirements including minimum value and carriage paid
  • Auto update purchase order on goods receipt
  • Full purchase activity and history visibility
  • Create Build Up purchase orders to reach minimum order levels
  • Security settings to control user privileges including limits on order type and value.

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