OrderWise Commerce Websites – Platform Features & Functionality

Stunning design and comprehensive integration is built on our powerful, feature rich and adaptable OrderWise Commerce platform.  This platform provides an ever growing range of features and functionality to deliver a fantastic customer shopping experience that meets business objectives and simplifies management. With so much to offer, here are just some of the many features available with an OrderWise Commerce website that is fully integrated with the OrderWise Business Management Software solution.

B2B Trade
Today businesses expect more from their suppliers and the ability to order online makes purchasing a fast, simple and more cost effective solution for many companies.  OrderWise Commerce websites have a vast range of features available to make the process of selling business to business simple to manage and help in winning and retaining customers. Features include:-

  • Trade account Login with account creation management
  • Net + VAT pricing options
  • Restrict product categories to specific customer groups
  • Complete price management controlled via the main OrderWise system to display a customer’s specific pricing on login
  • Enable customers to see their entire order history upon login with order history synchronised with the main OrderWise system
  • Take & manage payments on account
  • Terms & Conditions agreement at checkout
  • Fast & simple repeat order process
  • PDF Invoice generation
  • Fast order SKU & quantity form
Streamlined Checkout
This final step in converting a website visitor to sale is critical.  All the hard work done enticing customers to purchase can be lost without a fast, secure, simple and intuitive checkout process.  OrderWise Commerce websites come with a range of options and features to aid maximum visitor conversion including:-

  • Integration with over 70 payment gateway providers
  • Multi-currency support
  • Guest Checkout
  • One page checkout
  • Minimum order values
  • Postcoder lookup
  • Payment Instructions for account customers
  • Multiple payment options that can be managed by customer group
  • Fast repeat ordering
  • Configurable delivery options
  • Basket preview
Content Management & Site Admin

In such a fast moving online marketplace, keeping content fresh, products updated and managing orders is essential.  With over 25 years’ experience delivering business management solutions we understand what companies need to achieve and how to make managing this as simple and effective as possible.


The power of an OrderWise Commerce website lies in the in-depth integration with the main OrderWise Business Management Software. This means when it comes to updating products, managing categories, best sellers, new lines, prices, descriptions, images, stock and more this is managed directly from within the main OrderWise system and automatically updated to the website.  No need to update two separate systems, saving time and eliminating errors.  With orders, new customer accounts, payments and more automatically sent from the website into the main OrderWise system, all order management, despatch, purchasing, reporting, business intelligence and much more is managed by a powerful and comprehensive back office OrderWise solution.

With all the everyday tasks managed directly from within the OrderWise Business Management Software it means the intuitive OrderWise Commerce content management system is only needed when updating specific website content and layouts.

Up Selling, Cross Selling & Capturing More Sales
With costs involved in getting every visitor to a website, increasing the average order value can have a dramatic impact on a company’s bottom line.

An OrderWise Commerce website in conjunction with the main OrderWise Business Management Software provides the tools to fully maximise website sales.  With a huge range of options available on how and where related products, best sellers, associated products, suggested products, coming soon products and more can be managed, companies can be sure shoppers will always find something relevant and enticing to drive order values higher.  What’s more with options to have many of these products automatically populated on the website from the main OrderWise software, increasing basket values is simple to manage.

Customer Service

With online reputations made and broken in an instant, being able to deliver excellent customer service is crucial in building a successful online brand.  The OrderWise Commerce website platform has a range of features designed to help establish, maintain and strengthen relationships with visitors and customers.  These include:-


  • Live Chat Support options
  • Enquiry handling and response
  • Automated email responses
  • Order status and despatch notifications with courier tracking details
  • Branch finder
  • Back in stock emails
  • Order history synchronised from the main OrderWise system
  • Customer account detail management
  • Password reminders
Order Management & Delivery
As all OrderWise Commerce websites are fully integrated with the main OrderWise Business Management Software everything is automatically fed back into a complete stock control, order processing, warehouse management and account solution.  Orders are instantly visible within OrderWise despatch for complete management and efficient order fulfilment, integrations with over 30 courier software systems are available for streamlined shipping, automated creation of purchase orders can be made for drop shipped goods and much more.  Despatch statuses and courier tracking details are then automatically sent back to the website to keep customers informed.

For more information on how OrderWise Business Management Software seamlessly handles these processes look at the Order Management and Warehouse Management pages.

Reaching an International Audience
Online retail has no borders and international markets offer huge opportunities for growth.  The main OrderWise Business Management Software already has everything needed to handle trading overseas and an OrderWise Commerce website helps companies further capitalise on these opportunities with features that include:-

  • Multi-currency
  • Content creation in multiple languages
  • The creation of landing pages and fascia storing to target specific international customers
  • Location based shipping methods and charges
  • Exclusion of delivery to selected locations
A True Multi & Omni Channel Solution

OrderWise Commerce websites are one part of a multi-channel business strategy.  Whether selling via multiple websites, Amazon, eBay, Groupon, Not on The High Street, mail order, over the phone, face to face, email, fax, trade shows, EDI, retail, trade counters or indeed all of the above, OrderWise Business Management Software will provide the tools to combine and manage sales from all of these channels in one central solution.


With additional listing tools for Amazon, eBay and Google Shopping, along with responsive design as standard to capitalise on mobile buying habits, an OrderWise solution is multi-channel management at its very best.

With so many competitors only a click away, ongoing marketing to capture new customers and ensure previous buyers keep coming back for more is a necessity for growing online sales and margins.  The OrderWise Commerce platform along with powerful functionality available in the main OrderWise Business Management Software provides a variety of features available to make nurturing existing and capturing new customers an integral part of online strategy.  This includes:-

  • Newsletter functionality
  • Integration available with affiliate networks
  • Integration available with email marketing platforms
  • Abandoned cart emails and analysis
  • Back in stock emails
  • Wish list feature
  • Coming soon & product launch features
  • Powerful data analysis and segmentation for targeted marketing using Business Intelligence tools to identify offers, discounts, promo codes of interest to customers based on what they have or have not bought and much more.
  • Google Analytics Setup
Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)
With the vast majority of potential shoppers using search engines as their first port of call when trying to find a product, effective SEO is one of the most influential ways of attracting large volumes of visitors to an online store.  With this aspect of website development so key to delivering significant numbers of quality visitors to an online store, it is no surprise that every OrderWise Commerce website we build is done with SEO in mind and includes many features specifically aimed at helping websites maximise on search engine rankings.

  • Google Tag Management
  • Page redirect management
  • Sitemap management and submission tools
  • Rule configuration for SEO friendly URLs
  • Google Analytics setup
  • Page Title/Meta values
  • Custom SEO configuration for pages
  • Management from the main OrderWise Business Management System of key SEO related details including meta description, meta keywords, page titles, category and product URL which is used to automatically update the website
Intuitive Navigation & Site Usage
Simply having the right products at an attractive price is no guarantee of a visitor making a purchase or returning again, we’ve all become frustrated with a website and moved on because finding or selecting what we want is just too complex.  Today’s online shoppers demand a simple, inviting and easy to use shopping experience that enables them to quickly navigate a store, see detailed information in an easily digestible format, help them browse and discover interesting items and finalise their transactions in a hassle free manner.  To ensure these shopper demands can be fully delivered, OrderWise Commerce websites are all built to deliver intuitive navigation and functionality suited to the sector and products on offer with a variety of features to help including:-

  • Multiple search and navigation options
  • Comprehensive product and category management features
  • Configurable product options and product personalisation
  • Simple Size/Style/Colour display and selection
  • Basket preview
  • Product comparison features
  • User configurable browse filters and custom sorting options
  • Unlimited product images with large pop ups, multi view and more
  • One page checkout
Site Security, Trust & Shopper Feedback
Quickly gaining the trust of visitors is an important step in winning their business.  Unless you are an established brand, when potential customers first visit your website they need to be instilled with confidence that they are dealing with a reputable company that can deliver on their promises and securely process their transactions.  OrderWise Commerce websites have many key features and options to ensure visitors can be confident they are dealing with a first rate provider, including:-

  • Full HTTPS/SSL Support
  • Encrypted passwords with passwords management & access restriction tools
  • Integration with over 70 established Payment gateways including PayPal & Google Checkout
  • Inbuilt feedback and review feature
  • Options to integrate with leading third party review services
Social Media
Social media offers huge marketing opportunities to online traders.  Companies that embrace this method of connecting with customers can grow their website visitor levels at relatively low costs and generate a higher quality of potential shoppers due to the recommended nature of social media interactions.  To help companies make the most of social media opportunities the OrderWise Commerce platform has several features to facilitate positive social media postings:-

  • Integration with a range of Social Media platforms including Facebook, Google +, Instagram & more
  • Like/Share buttons against products on the website
  • Just purchased post option to allow shoppers to share their new purchase with friends
  • Follow buttons to quickly and simply build a loyal following on various social media networks, ideal for utilising for a range of marketing campaigns and promotions.
Special Offers, Rewards & Incentives
In a crowded marketplace it can often take more than great products that are well displayed on an easy to use website to attract new visitors, encourage purchases, ensure repeat visits and build a loyal customer base.  The OrderWise Commerce platform has an incredible range of powerful features that enable businesses to manage offers, incentives and rewards to maximise sales, growth and loyalty including:-

  • Free delivery criteria options
  • Voucher code creation and multi code use management
  • Voucher code management by customer groups, products and categories
  • Buy together discounts
  • Bonus product/discount/points etc management
  • Reward/Loyalty point management system
  • Gift certificate creation and management
  • Sale management features
  • Time sensitive promotions
  • Banner Management
Bespoke & Custom Functionality

The OrderWise Commerce website platform has been developed to provide a complete range of functionality using over 25 years’ of experience working with businesses in a range of industries, sizes and sectors along with the knowledge gained through integrating with in excess of 30 different website platforms.  We have taken this thorough understanding and combined it with feedback from hundreds of customers over many years to develop an online commerce platform that meets the diverse requirements of online traders in both B2B and B2C environments.


As the developer of both the OrderWise Commerce website platform and the OrderWise Business Management Software we have the resources and ability to add brand new or enhance and tailor existing functionality to ensure every customer is delivered a website platform to meet their exact requirements.


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