Postcode Integration

search 2Address verification and look-up tools are proven to improve a customers’ experience and increase the likelihood they’ll purchase from you again. Deliveries are more likely to get there first time and all transactions and communications are completed more quicker and more accurately. That’s why OrderWise offers Postcode Integration to provide users with the ability to automatically find addresses based on their postcode.

OrderWise is designed to make managing your business on a day to day basis as simple as possible and with Postcode Integration finding addresses really couldn’t be simpler. When a user needs to enter a customer delivery address, invoice address, supplier address or indeed any other, they can simply type the postcode and let OrderWise Postcode Integration do the rest. The system will automatically fill in the street name, town and county based on the postcode entered. The only detail the user will need to fill in is the number of the property, if there is one.

In fact OrderWise Postcode Integration is so comprehensive that users can even enter partial postcodes and OrderWise will display a list of possibilities from which users can choose the correct one, allowing addresses to be added extremely quickly and easily.

Automated address collection on the phone is easier too. Unclear voices are not so much of a problem when you have OrderWise Postcode Integration and just need to ask for the caller’s postcode. This can also eliminate spelling mistakes and typing errors in your customer database, ensuring addresses are always formatted correctly and consistently.

With OrderWise Postcode Integration, your staff can rapidly complete customer address details, saving time and increasing efficiency. Postcode address lookup software is proven to reduce typing time by up to 80% and with the help of OrderWise Postcode Integration you can make your business processes much more efficient.

By using OrderWise Postcode Integration, businesses are able to:

  • Reduce Typing Time by Up To 80%
  • Increase Efficiency & Increase Address Accuracy
  • Improve Customer Experience
  • Professional Customer Perception
  • Reduce Re-Posting & Delivery Delays

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