Mobile WMS Devices

hand held angle CMYK 300Businesses are always looking to improve warehouse operations, ensuring daily processes are kept streamlined, accurate stock levels are maintained and orders quickly fulfilled. By implementing effective barcode scanning technology into the warehouse, companies can benefit from managing and picking stock in the fastest, most accurate way possible, ensuring each consignment is always correctly picked, packed and shipped so customers are kept happy.

With barcode scanning technology an integral part of effective warehouse operations, here at OrderWise we are leading the way with our hugely popular Mobile WMS Devices. These revolutionary devices combine our ultra-modern software with cutting edge barcode scanning technology, including full GS1 support, to help businesses manage all their daily tasks and processes in the most accurate, efficient and productive way possible.

Wi-Fi and 3G enabled, our Mobile WMS Devices come complete with a whole host of mobile software modules that can send and receive information from the main OrderWise system completely wirelessly, removing the need for paper notes within the warehouse and allowing common tasks to be conducted both quickly and effectively. Use OrderWise Mobile Warehouse Management Devices to:

  • Pick more orders faster without employing more staff or paying for overtime
  • Pick multiple orders at the same time using Tote Picking
  • Achieve rapid picking speeds with Picking Timers and monitor staff performance statistics
  • Simply & accurately book goods In including stock arriving in containers & from other branches
  • 1 & 2 dimensional GS1 barcode support – further increase warehouse productivity by recording a product’s EAN code, serial number, batch number, expiry date and quantity with just one simple scan
  • Gain up to the minute stock accuracy with fast & precise stock takes, movements & adjustments sent wirelessly to update the main system
  • Scan & record batch & serial traceability details
  • Correctly & efficiently Put away stock
  • Ship orders, send details to couriers & print documentation for faster despatch
  • Increase task efficiency by directing staff around the warehouse using the most logical walk routes
  • Remove double handling of stock & turn orders around faster with Goods In Despatch
  • Keep picking bins full and manage bulk stock with Stock Replenishments
  • Process works order faster while recording detailed costs with Manufacturing process & Works Orders management
  • Simplify pick management by going from order to pick at the press of a button with Automated Pick Rules & Pick AmalgamationGS1-Logo
  • Capture more sales on the move with Mobile Sales even when Wi-Fi or 3G is not available
  • Achieve Much, Much More

With these Mobile WMS Devices enabling businesses to harness the power of OrderWise in the palm of their hand, it’s no wonder that huge speed, capacity and accuracy improvements are already being achieved by the growing number of OrderWise customers utilising these devices.

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