Mobile WMS Devices – Manufacturing

In today’s highly competitive market, manufacturers are often struggling to manage a complex balancing act. With a global supplier base offering more options than ever before to customers, manufacturers are under great pressure to keep tight control of business processes whilst also ensuring items are produced in the fastest, most accurate way possible. However actually getting this balance right to ensure the very highest quality of product is achieved, production efficiencies maximised and excellent customer service levels are provided can be a real challenge for a lot of manufacturers.

putting it toget 2Combining the ability to manage unlimited length, multi-level BOMs and customised revisions provided by OrderWise Manufacturing with the highly accurate, streamlined processing of our barcode scanning Mobile WMS Devices, OrderWise Mobile Manufacturing module is the ultimate tool for today’s manufacturers. Providing an extensive suite of cutting edge mobile software, OrderWise Mobile Manufacturing allows businesses to strike the perfect balance between the detailed recording of key information and fast, accurate works order processing.

Businesses can use OrderWise Mobile Manufacturing to:

  • Assign Works Order Picks and send staff to pick component stock for multiple works orders at once using tote trollies and via the fastest walk routes for greater efficiency
  • Utilise state-of-the-art barcode scanning technology to work through manufacturing processes as quickly and accurately as possible
  • Easily manage manufacturing tasks in a structured and organised manner
  • Achieve tight control over Manufacturing processes without compromising productivity
  • Effectively manage Sub-Contracted Work, their relevant Purchase Orders and the eventual booking in process
  • Log labour times and the equipment used to complete Works Order Processes
  • Benefit from the flexibility of having multiple staff working on processes together or working through different assigned processes simultaneously
  • Enable complete accuracy and a continuous, highly efficient workflow to be achieved through a production line setup
  • Specify built quantities, over-build quantities, mark items as part built, quality passed or failed
  • Record By-Products or Cut Offs created as part of the Manufacturing process and book these back into stock to be used elsewhere, minimising wastage and maximising profitability
  • Manage user permissions and which staff are responsible for logging key details
  • Prioritise certain picks and processes for work orders that need completing more urgently
  • Track the progress of work orders through full visibility of manufacturing totes
  • & Much, Much More

With OrderWise Manufacturing and Mobile WMS Devices, businesses are able to achieve extremely fast, highly accurate and completely paperless management of their manufacturing processes, no matter the complexity.

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