Mobile WMS Devices – Mobile Sales

sales order softwareThe ideal solution for businesses selling at trade shows, in the field, from their own delivery vehicles or using pop-up shops, the OrderWise Mobile Sales Module provides a fully integrated method of quickly, accurately and remotely processing sales orders on-the-go. Working in conjunction with OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, the Mobile Sales module is designed to optimise revenue by providing an effective method of raising, processing and handling sales orders away from the constraints of the office.

When an active internet or Wi-Fi connection is available, orders, stock levels, payments and signatures can be sent straight back to the main OrderWise system. This ensures orders taken for delivery can be picked and despatched almost immediately, with any required invoices raised and goods required for restocking remote or mobile stock locations prepared. However the Mobile Sales module also has the flexibility to work offline, allowing multiple orders to be processed without the need of an active internet connection or VPN. Once in range, all orders can be passed to the OrderWise database with one click meaning no more time is wasted rekeying sales orders with the risk of transposition errors reducing accuracy. All orders can be raised with the customer’s specific pricing agreements or ad-hoc discounts that can be applied at the time of sale.

Using the OrderWise Mobile Sales Module, businesses are able to:

  • Achieve fast, accurate order processing from out-of-office sales channels – ideal for Van Sales, Trade Shows, Field Sales and more
  • Seamlessly synchronise data with the main OrderWise system via Wi-Fi, Mobile Internet or Docking
  • Benefit from the flexibility of being able to work in both on and offline modes
  • Use cutting edge barcode scanning functionality to scan and sell items whilst on-the-go
  • Utilise GS1 barcode scanning capabilities for faster data input and order processing
  • Apply customer price lists
  • Process account customer sales and cash sales
  • Take orders for delivery and have local stock shipped immediately
  • Record payments and customer signatures
  • Retain full batch and serial traceability
  • Utilise comprehensive security and system settings to configure the module to meet the individual requirements of your business
  • One time purchase regardless of the number of Mobile WMS Devices on which the Mobile Sales module will be used
  • & Much, Much More
Not only does this invaluable module mean you never have to miss a sale, but it can help your business to capitalise on new sales channels, reduce order rekeying and record full stock and order traceability, allowing you to provide your customers with excellent service levels every time.


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