Warehouse 3OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices – Picking

Mobile WMS Devices integrate seamlessly with the OrderWise Despatch module to help dramatically increase picking speed and accuracy. Removing the need for paper picking notes, users have picks sent straight to their mobile device and are directed around the warehouse using the most efficient walk route, following the simple on screen prompts and scanning relevant barcodes to complete their picks Details of completed picks are then sent back wirelessly to the main system, allowing information to be seamlessly transferred between warehouse managers/supervisors and their picking staff.

“The biggest change has been the mobile devices, before everything used to get picked off paper so the paper notes would do the rounds and that would create problems, they’d get lost, misplaced, etc. Now everything gets scanned into and out of the business which it never used to before, so a lot more use of barcodes and electronic control is driving improved management of information.” – Mark Turner, Operations Manager at PJA Distribution

Tote Picking

For further benefits, the scalable Tote Picking solution allows for multiple trolley/trolley types to be used and configured specifically for the needs of the business. With OrderWise Tote Picking, businesses can ensure that picking speeds and turnaround volumes are always fully optimised by enabling staff to collect stock for multiple orders at once. Following pick completion packers utilise simple USB or Bluetooth barcode scanners to quickly scan and pack the orders. Structured so that pickers and packers cannot make mistakes, Tote Picking is the ideal solution for businesses handling large volumes of orders or who are simply looking to improve the overall accuracy and efficiency of their Despatch processes.

“We can pick anything between 200-300 orders on our busiest day. Before we had to pick those manually and one order at a time, whereas now to pick a whole trolley of totes which is 24 orders we only have to go round the warehouse once – it’s made a massive amount of difference, I can get one person picking 200 orders a day now without breaking a sweat!” – Paul Brebner, Director of eHardware

“Before staff had to print off all orders at the start of the day, which is maybe 400 sheets of paper, and pick every order individually, one by one – now OrderWise is implemented we’re using handhelds (Mobile WMS Devices) and trollies for tote picking, so the entire way we operate as a business has changed, things are quicker and it’s just so much better.” – Chris Bawden, Director of Simple Lighting

Even Greater Picking Efficiency With GS1 Barcode Technology

OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices users tasked with despatching serial or batch traced items are able to achieve further time saving benefits by utilising these devices in-conjunction with dynamic GS1 Barcode Scanning Technology. Allowing for a product’s EAN code, serial number, batch number, expiry date and quantity to be recorded with one simple scan, functionality within the OrderWise Mobile Picking module enables 1 or 2 dimensioGS1-Logonal GS1 Barcodes to be used to help businesses increase the volume at which their orders are fulfilled, allowing multiple orders to be rapidly picked at once without needing to increase staffing levels.


With functionality to meet a massive range of despatch operations, OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices also allow for orders to be shipped directly from the device without further interaction with the main system. Whether this is how a business works across its entire operation or kept solely for specific staff handling certain orders, following pick confirmation on the device the order can be instantly shipped, required documentation and labels printed, invoice generation requested and any courier integration associated with the delivery is handled. Even greater picking efficiencies can be achieved through the use of Picker Performance Monitoring and Picking Countdown Timers to ensure consistent picking speeds are maintained. Pick Rules functionality can also be added to OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices to allow warehouse managers to automate the pick assignment process and fully maximise warehouse productivity.


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