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Fully utilising barcode scanning technology, Goods In functionality on the OrderWise wireless Mobile WMS Devices provides an efficient, accurate and flexible way for your staff to book goods in to your warehouse. Enabling fast identification of relevant purchase orders, staff have the flexibility to receive goods in a variety of ways to ensure the most efficient method is utilised.

Fast, Simple & Accurate Receipt via Barcode Scanning

Whether goods are received with barcode labels already or label printing is required upon receipt this can be handled with ease. Barcode scanning can be utilised to record the item being received along with the scanning of batch, serial and expiry date information. Goods Received Note (GRN) recording can be utilised if desired, supplier references recorded and over or under receipt handled with purchase orders updated automatically if required.

GS1 Barcode Capabilities

With an ever increasing uptake and already used extensively across industries such as food and pharmaceuticals, GS1 barcode scanning capabilities is a must for any company looking to streamline operations and open up trading opportunities with businesses that insist on using this format. In addition to a wide range of standard and EAN barcode formats, the OrderWise Mobile WMS Device Goods in functionality can also GS1-Logoscan 1 or 2 dimensional GS1 barcodes enabling information such as item, batch or serial and expiry date information to be scanned from one barcode, making the goods receipt process even faster.

Efficient Put Away of Received Goods

OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices offer users the flexibility to book goods directly into the relevant bin upon receipt or utilise the Put Away module to manage placing received stock into picking or bulk stock areas in a much more structured and efficient way. Following initial booking in of a delivery the Put Away module allows stock to be scanned onto a trolley, with staff then directed using the most efficient walkroute around the warehouse to place the stock into the required bins.

“OrderWise has really helped us, providing a high level of automation within the warehouse and enabling us to cater for more demand.” – Guy Perry, Managing Director of A Perry & Co.

Transfer Goods In

Companies that regularly transfer stock between branches and stock locations need to ensure this activity is not only accurate, visible and easily managed but also as efficient as possible. The OrderWise Mobile Transfer Goods In module assists customers through this process, moving stock in an efficient and structured way from one location to the other whilst also retaining a full audit trail for stock valuation and traceability purposes.

Container Goods In

When importing goods by container, it is highly likely that the stock inside will be from a wide range of purchase orders, contain part purchase orders and even have a mix of goods from different suppliers. Mobile Container Goods In allows users to accurately book in stock from a container by quickly identifying the relevant purchase order lines, regardless of supplier, for the container being received. This process can then be further streamlined through the ability to utilise GS1 barcodes to achieve even greater efficiency when booking in goods from containers.

Goods In Despatch

For goods that are quickly despatched or ordered in on the back of sales order demand, businesses will find that it is much faster, more accurate and additionally cost effective to turn orders straight around at the point of goods receipt. For businesses who will frequently come across these circumstances, the OrderWise Mobile Goods In Despatch module enables them to handle this process in an efficient and streamlined fashion by quickly and accurately booking in then despatching stock all in one single motion. This provides the benefits of greater warehouse efficiency and faster turnaround of customer orders. For even further efficiency, businesses can utilise the GS1 barcode scanning technology available on our Mobile WMS Devices to generate even faster order turnaround at the point of stock arrival.


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