Mobile WMS Devices – Warehouse Automation & Speed Optimisation

OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices have been specifically developed to help businesses dramatically improve the accuracy and efficiency of their warehouse operations. Through the use of cutting edge barcode scanning functionality, a comprehensive mobile software suite, the introduction of more streamlined processes and the ability to drive greater staff productivity, OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices are fully equipped for highly effective warehouse management. However for businesses looking to further optimise the speed and accuracy in which everyday warehouse tasks are performed, additional features are available on Mobile WMS Devices to enable this to be achieved.

“In the warehouse there were five people, now there are only two – operations have become so efficient that work is now done so instantly.”
Jaffer Jawad, Director of Viakeys

The ultimate in picking efficiency with Pick Rules

warehouse managementOrderWise Pick Rules functionality is designed to allow warehouse managers to completely automate the pick assignment process and increase picking and despatch efficiency as a result. This is achieved by determining the logic behind how picks are created and distributed, ensuring orders are grouped together to maximise the picking efficiency that can be achieved. Whether this is determined by the items on an order, the handling requirements e.g. heavy picks to a forklift picker, the location of the stock or anything else is entirely up to the business as these rules are completely bespoke. Removing the need for a warehouse manager or other staff to spend vital time determining how picks are created and who they are allocated to, Pick Rules ensures each pick is automatically generated to comply with the determined criteria.

Working seamlessly in conjunction with Mobile WMS Devices, individual pickers are assigned to the specific rules from which their picks will be generated meaning for example only the forklift driver will be assigned picks requiring a forklift. At the click of a button a picker can have their next pick automatically generated and sent wirelessly to their Mobile WMS Device.

The scope of efficiency savings possible is phenomenal, grouping all orders that contain stock down the same aisle to minimise travel times, amalgamating all single line orders for the same item in to one pick so hundreds of orders can be picked at once. These rules are completely customisable ensuring that this feature can be fully tailored to meet a company’s own individual pick management needs.

Picking Timers & Picker Performance Monitoring

With many companies utilising seasonal warehouse staff for peak periods or experiencing turnover of staff within picking operations, ensuring consistent and acceptable picking speeds are being achieved is essential. Maximising on picking productivity helps drive customer service levels and keeps overtime and staffing costs under control. Functionality normally only associated with the largest of warehouse operations, picking timers and performance monitoring is a standard feature on the OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices.

Utilise a wealth of picking performance data gathered by our Mobile WMS Devices such as the time taken by each picker to move between bins and gather stock and compare this against other staff, staff averages and target times. The option to then also display a countdown timer on a pickers Mobile WMS Device provides pickers with a guide to the target time set to travel between the bin they have just been at and the next bin they are directed to, helping maintain a consistent rapid speed of picking and dramatically increasing efficiency and order throughput within the warehouse.

Ideal for any business looking to maximise the speed at which orders are picked, OrderWise Speed Optimisation features available as standard on our Mobile WMS Devices ensures staff always move between stock locations and collect stock as productively as possible.


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