Integrated Manufacturing SoftwareManufacturing Report

If your company manufactures products from parts, or if your company disassembles products into parts (reverse BOM), then OrderWise Manufacturing with its Works Order Processing and sophisticated BOM listing capability is the Manufacturing Software solution for you. In both instances, tight control is required over the stock handling of component products, and great emphasis must be placed on the overall cost of the finished product. As you may expect, component product substitution along with batch and serial number tracing are included as standard within the OrderWise Manufacturing Software.


Unlimited length, Multi-level Bill of Materials, Customised Revisions

  • To Manufacture” report listing which manufactured variants are required and by when
  • Create Bill of Materials orders for specific manufactured variants or sub-assemblies
  • Make one of BOM changes to specific builds for product substitutions
  • Record estimated costs/actual costs/ cost variations
  • Record unlimited set up costs
  • Record unlimited manufacturing processes
  • Record unlimited clean down costs
  • Record unlimited per item manufacture costs
  • Allocate stock before, during or at the end of manufacture
  • Allow component quantity variation
  • Record drawing numbers / Part locations
  • Supports pulling component items from different stock locations
  • Subcontracted process management
  • Product option and revision management
  • Visibility of work in progress, available to manufacture and completed stock
  • Supports unlimited level builds including sub-assemblies which may be sold separately
  • Add and record quality control processes
  • Absorb product failure costs across completed batches
  • Manage by-product stock created during manufacture

Reverse Bill Of MaterialsWork In Progress

The control of by-products – also known as Reverse BOM – is another important feature of the OrderWise Manufacturing Software. On an average Bill of Materials build, the top level product is made from more than one component  or sub-assembly. Reverse BOM is the process of taking a single product and breaking it down into its individual parts, then taking these components into stock as separate – and saleable – products. As an example, imagine a PC retail and maintenance facility buys used PCs in any state of repair. In this case, the top level product (or target of the process) may be a disassembled PC, and the component product would be the fully assembled used PC. The by-products would be the motherboard, RAM, CPU and any other components extracted via the disassembly process. After the reverse BOM process is complete, the shop may find that the extracted RAM does not work. At this stage, thanks to the intuitive design of OrderWise Works Order Processing, users are able to delete any record of by-products which are either faulty or were not extracted – in this instance, the PC’s RAM.

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