Manufacturing and Kitting

Manufacturing And Kitting

Manufacturing 2Whether you need to take control of the handling of an item’s components, the bundling of individual products into kits, a simple bill of materials or a large manufacturing operation, can provide an easy,organised and cost-accounted method of working. With functionality to manage multi-level bill of materials, customised revisions, kits that are bought and sold as such or those that are made up of items that are also sold individually, the OrderWise Manufacturing & Kitting Modules offer a tailored solution that makes controlling stock and working through processes both simple and massively streamlined.

With options also available to manage kits and manufacturing works orders on our revolutionary OrderWise Mobile WMS Devices, businesses are able to achieve extremely fast, highly accurate and completely paperless management of kitted items and complex manufacturing processes through the use of barcode scanning technology.


Striking the balance between detailed recording of information without compromising high levels of both accuracy and efficiency, OrderWise Manufacturing enables businesses to productively manage their works orders and their relevant processes, no matter the size of their operation. With the ability to allocate stock, work through processes, sub-contract processes, log labour, equipment used, all costs incurred, by products created and quantities over, part or fully built, OrderWise Manufacturing provides staff with all the tools they need to build items effectively.

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Achieve practical management of kitted or bundled products and their relevant components with the OrderWise Kitting module. Providing clear visibility of physical kitted stock as it moves through the business, OrderWise Kitting has the comprehensive functionality to ensure costs and stock figures are always completely accurate. With flexible management of kits, their components and specified substitutes, OrderWise Kitting ensures purchasing, selling and recording key details relating to kits is always a painless exercise.

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