eBay, Amazon & Google Shopping Listing Tools

Selling products through globally recognised marketplaces like eBay andlistings_rev2 Amazon are a staple part of daily trading for many online businesses and in a lot of cases may be the only route to market a business will take. With many companies trading through several different accounts on these popular marketplaces, businesses selling products in this manner are constantly searching for the right back end solution to effectively manage and help streamline all the daily processes required for effective and efficient trading.

However systems that manage every aspect of marketplace trading are rare, meaning businesses are often forced to rely on the costly option of multiple unconnected applications and the time-consuming process of manually entering key information into various systems. This not only lowers the accuracy of data but also the efficiency in which orders are fulfilled, resulting in poor feedback scores and missed sales opportunities.

OrderWise – The Complete Solution For Marketplace Trading

With OrderWise Marketplace Listings, businesses are provided with a simple, efficient and structured method of listing multiple products across multiple seller accounts on their chosen marketplaces. By using the various OrderWise Marketplace Listing tools in-conjunction with our Marketplace Integrations, businesses can reap the benefits of a comprehensive, fully integrated all-in-one solution to manage every aspect of their online trading from start to finish. This includes the creation and listing/re-listing of products on eBay and Amazon, promotion through Google Shopping, automatic price updates, order imports, stock level synchronisation, despatch status updates, the transfer of key details to couriers, warehouse management and much, much more.

Easily manage how items are listed on Amazon

OrderWise Amazon Listing offers businesses a simple, fast andamazon_new_logo streamlined method of listing items on Amazon. With our Amazon Listing functionality, existing listings can be imported in to OrderWise and new listings with images quickly and simply created. Businesses can then simply select the item or items they wish to list, the seller account they wish to list on and send this information seamlessly over to Amazon with just one-click of a button.

Manufacturing your own goods and need to create your products before listing them on Amazon? Not a problem. OrderWise Amazon Listing has full product creation functionality across the entire Amazon product structure. Users can easily create product templates to make adding new items to Amazon an accurate and highly efficient process. Add a description, choose which of Amazon’s wide range of 50+ product categories and sub-categories the product falls under, add the relevant browse node so that the item can be found by customers searching on Amazon and then simply list the item as normal – it couldn’t be easier!

Stay Competitive With Our Amazon Re-Pricing Tool

However where most Amazon listing tools would stop, OrderWise goes further. As part of the OrderWise Amazon Listing functionality, businesses are also provided with a highly beneficial Amazon Re-Pricing tool which facilitates the ability to automatically update listing prices to help a listing reach the lucrative Buy Box status. Using this feature, users can control how much cheaper they wish to be compared to other businesses selling under the same listing and set a minimum and maximum to ensure profitability is maintained. Re-pricing in both directions to ensure maximum margin is achieved, this feature will also increase the listing price as competitors prices rise or their listings are removed.

Help Your Products Get Noticed With eBay Listings

Regardless of the scope in which a business is trading through eBay,ebay_logo whether it’s through one trading account on one eBay site or multiple accounts on multiple eBay sites, OrderWise provides a user-friendly, fully integrated solution. Offering functionality to easily create product templates, gather estimated fees, and list or relist as many items as necessary, OrderWise offers eBay sellers all the tools they need to manage their product listings effectively.

With the flexibility to list through multiple different seller accounts on 25 different sites including the UK, Ireland and the US, our eBay Product Templates are purpose-built to make listing items on eBay as streamlined as possible. Using these dynamic templates, businesses can set up key details such as condition, payment and shipping methods, as well as add category details, customer price lists, their PayPal email address, recommended values and much more. What’s more, businesses are also able to create as many templates as they require based on the variety of the items they are selling. These templates can then be simply linked to any item meaning commonly used listing details do not need completing for every product being listed.

The One Place to Manage All Aspects of Your eBay Trading

Here at OrderWise, we understand that having your products stand out from the crowd are everything on marketplaces like eBay. When adding product descriptions, users can choose their colour, font, size and formatting which will be pulled through on to their eBay listing or even apply a pre-existing HTML template for an authentic, fully professional look.

With OrderWise eBay Listings, businesses are provided with a central hub from which they can manage all of their listings across all their seller accounts from one single screen. By utilising the List Items area, businesses can simply switch between their seller accounts to gain full visibility of all the items available for listing or re-listing. From within this screen, estimated fees can be obtained at the click of a button, with listing messages and recommendations also displayed to give users tips on how the quality of their listings can be further improved.

Simple, Structured Management of Google Listings

For many consumers, Google Shopping is the place to go to find the best Google-Shoppingitems on the market and with OrderWise, listing items on this service couldn’t be easier. OrderWise Google Listings provides businesses with a tool for fast creation of fully customised listings, with the flexibility for these to be then be listed across as many Google Merchant accounts as required.

Against their Google Listings, businesses can specify their product’s colour, size, description, suited age group, gender and more, as well as their own unique product information category details. A wide range of specific information used within Google Shopping can also be configured such as if the item is a Multipack, bundle, for Pre-Order or if the listing is to be removed in advance of the standard 30 days. Businesses using OrderWise Google Listings also have full control over which stock location or locations are used in the displayed available stock figures, with price lists and current special offers also able to be exported to offer customers even greater value.

However to make the Google Shopping Listing process even faster and easier, two imports allow users to add multiple Google Listings and Listing details en-masse against existing products within OrderWise. This allows businesses to get their items rapidly set up and ready to list to then manage these from a one-view grid within OrderWise.

OrderWise – The Only Way To Manage Marketplace Trading

By using OrderWise to streamline all operational aspects of your daily Marketplace trading, you can be sure that your business is able to get your items noticed, provide the right products at the right price, achieve rapid order fulfilment and deliver excellent customer service that helps you stay ahead in even the most competitive of markets.

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