KPI Dashboards

Stock Control System KPI Dashboard It is vital that in today’s fast moving market place decisions are made quickly using relevant information in order for businesses to stay ahead of the curve. Performance statistics should be both easily accessible and easy to understand so that key areas requiring improvements can be highlighted and performance monitored in order to increase efficiency, profitability, ensure sales opportunities are maximised and productivity levels maintained. OrderWise KPI Dashboards provide businesses with a visual representation of key performance statistics through charts and graphs for easy interpretation and analysis. With well over 500 dashboard elements available, flexible control over chart appearance and constantly refreshed data, the OrderWise KPI Dashboards module gives businesses the tools they need to ensure requirements are identified and realised.

Accurate, Versatile & Insightful Charts

All of the charts are fully customisable, from the styling to the layout, displaying information from multiple different angles over a chosen time period. This can be compared to previous years’ data for greater insight and context, providing a more informed interpretation of trends, troughs and spikes. This invaluable module promotes a more proactive approach within the business, prioritising tasks which will help maximise sales, reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase customer service.

Such is the flexibility of the module, KPI dashboards can be used in a number of different ways and serve a number of different purposes throughout OrderWise. Users can configure their own charts to help monitor individual performance and ensure targets are being achieved, team charts can be displayed on external monitors using our full screen functionality while mangers and senior staff are able to configure charts relevant to the insight they require and also control which staff can view KPI data. Customer specific dashboards can also be launched and displayed at the click of a button, providing sales staff with easy to interpret information on the chosen customer to ensure each sales opportunity is fully maximised. Whatever the purpose, businesses can ensure with KPI Dashboards they have the information they need, when they need it.

The Perfect Partner for OrderWise Business Intelligence

The KPI Dashboard module perfectly complements the OrderWise Business Intelligence module. By providing key statistics in a variety of chart formats, the at-a-glance interpretation offered by KPI Dashboards enables the early identification of trends that warrant deeper investigation within the Business Intelligence module. By combining the visibility of KPI Dashboards with the perceptive data of Business Intelligence, businesses can harness the power of a truly outstanding suite of functionality to not only enhance their daily operations but also the overall performance, growth and profitability achieved.

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