Efficiently control the stock, replenishment and despatch of components that make up a kit product.

If your company deals with products that are bought and sold in a kit format e.g. a bed frame, or products sold both in multiple kits and in their own right, OrderWise Kitting Software will simplify the process of selling, stocking, despatching and purchasing kit products that have multiple components. By reflecting the physical stock situation of each kit component as it moves through the business, attributing costs to the individual components and displaying information in ways relevant to the role of each department OrderWise Kitting gives you stock and cost traceability and ensures margins are maintained and orders processed quickly. Fully integrated with the OrderWise Stock System, stock levels for both Purchase Kit products and Non-Purchase Kit components can be set with accuracy and flexibility to optimise stock levels and also ensure maximum value is achieved from suppliers.

Purchase Kits – Products bought and sold in kit format.

Purchase kits are received, stored and despatched in multiple components such as headboard, footboard, base and mattress, yet only ever bought and sold as a complete product. Sales and Purchasing departments will only need to manage information on the availability and requirements of the complete product. When receiving goods in, Warehouse staff will be able to account for each individual kit component, ensure full and saleable kit quantities are received and kit component locations are recorded. To ensure a fast and accurate despatch process picking notes indicate individual components quantities required, along with the component locations.

Non-Purchase Kits – Components which may be used in both multiple kits or sold in their own right.

As with Purchase Kits, OrderWise Kitting will provide Sales staff with the availability of complete kits from components in stock, Purchasing with requirements to fulfill stock and order needs and Warehouse staff with the correct details to pick, pack and despatch goods. Each Non-Purchase Kit can have multiple revisions recorded against it whilst retaining an audit trail of each revision, providing simple and accurate management of multiple option kits. To give additional flexibility, OrderWise Kitting allows users to set pre-defined substitute components.


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